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  • A Smart Gamification Platform Designed around Your Needs
  • Remember how much fun we had as kids playing games? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do that as adults?

    Well, with NextBee’s proprietary suite of tools you can. Even better, NextBee can show you how to use gamification techniques to motivate your workforce, increase revenue and enhance your bottom line.

    Finally a solution revolving around you and your company’s needs.

    At NextBee, we’ve gone far beyond basic A/B testing. Our gamification program, with its variable rewards incentives, is second to none in the industry. By using our tools, you can give your users the choice to select rewards from a variety of options. You structure the gamification rewards in different tiers so users have the incentive to climb higher up the ladder, choosing the rewards they want most. All the while, your business grows.

    With single sign-on integration, mobile friendly HTML 5 widgets, tracking pixels, persistent cookies, support for POS system APIs, Twitter search APIs, and Facebook Graph APIs, we can track and reward users for their gamification activities.

    But our social gamification focus is not just on the Facebook posts and comments that users leave. We also track purchases, product reviews, surveys participated in, promotional emails opened, number of friends they bring to your site and even the amount of times they visit your store.

    All of our gamification widgets are designed to meet your brand requirements and optimized for both the context and interaction flow of your gamification audience. Our dedicated IT staff has done the development work, so your IT staff doesn’t have to.

    By using NextBee, here are just some of the things you’ll be getting:

    • Our “Level Up” structure of gamification (This provides incentives incrementally, unlocking access to activities and rewards to maintain a high level of engagement)
    • Regular contests (these can be designed for promotion and fun, and include such things as dynamic leaderboards showcasing top users and grand prizes)
    • Automated social recognition of gamification achievements (Users are automatically notified when achievement levels are gained, special access unlocked and rewards won)

    In addition to providing real value, gamification rewards center on the exciting – cash, badges, gift cards, physical items, and more!

    By utilizing NextBee’s proprietary suite of tools, with your ability to configure voter-based competitions, photo uploads, photo galleries, quizzes and much more, we guarantee gamification features will surpass your engagement-metric expectations.

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