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How NextBee Customer Advocacy Solutions Develop Customer Loyalty to Advocacy

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • From customer engagement solutions to loyalty programs that help brands increase their customer base and make it easy for them to increase the reach of their offerings, NextBee has delivered high ROI marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. That has been a rule for us.

    We, NextBee, have assisted businesses expand and generate more revenue. This did not happen as a matter of chance, or in a matter of hours; it takes time and a consistent approach. Our deliverance comes from our programs’ ability to increase customer loyalty substantially and develop customers into active advocates who make brands vocal on social platforms. Of course it takes a solid approach to please your customers to the point they begin to exhibit their faith in you.

    The advocacy program is based heavily on PACE methodology for customer advocacy, which defines rules for creating a Personal, Adaptive, Controlled and Exciting customer engagement program. We have made our customer advocacy solutions a lot more exciting and engaging, including a range of features that let businesses build personal relationships with customers easily. The program seeks to increase customer loyalty by developing touchpoints that lay down foundations for interaction and exchange of information. Now here’s the disclosure: when you begin to understand your customers, you realize what they are looking for. The customers feel valued and develop an inclination towards brands that value their suggestions and communicate with them frequently. You can reward your customers for filling survey forms, and credit points to their accounts during or after customer support interactions.

    The program evolves as you grow. Plug and play modules let you experiment program functionality to suit the program stage. Despite all the flexibility that NextBee customer advocacy solutions offer, it stays controlled. You have your eye on every customer activity and the program performance. The ability to A/B test your program by changing reward options and program metrics gives you the power to change the program course as and when you want.

    NextBee Customer Advocacy solutions let you create contests that enthrall customers. The program also features gamification options- contests and leaderboards- to motivate your program participants to perform better. Not only that, the program also lets your customers view their performance. Customers can see referrals that have converted, emails opened, links clicked and points earned. Amid all the excitement, your customers begin to love your brand for the excitement you offer and visit you over and over again.

    As your customers begin to flood in, the program offers exciting rewards for specific behavior. You want them to spread your word to communities. Spot active customers- those who do not just buy but also develop conversations, buy frequently, interact on social pages, and have the power to influence others- and involve them in spreading awareness on your offerings. Reward them suitably to encourage them.

    It becomes  a lot easier to make your customers perform for you while you return the favor by focusing on improving your customer service and offering quality products and services. With NextBee advocacy solutions, things just start falling in right places.