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NextBee Loyalty Program Solutions Optimized for Luxury Brands

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • This fairly recent news in a press release was an instant hit with luxury brands, who have an entirely different group of customers responding to a specific set of clues. NextBee has released its new loyalty program solutions for luxury brands that establishes multiple touchpoints and develops conversations. The NextBee loyalty program solutions derive this ability from the PACE methodology, which powers our every marketing program.

    NextBee’s PACE methodology for loyalty program solutions seeks to provide interactions at every step. Interactions provide an effective way of engaging your customers and strengthening your relationship with them.  The program has been developed such that it places emphasis on paying attention to customers of luxury brands.

    Though luxury customers spend more, it becomes hard to earn their loyalty because they anticipate more attention and evaluate brands on the basis of the level of customer support that the luxury brands offer. Now, of course their loyalty comes at a price, but it’s worth making efforts to gain it.

    By engaging customers over and over again, luxury market based businesses increase brand recognition and thereby remain in their customers’ memory. Helping them stay on top of the customers’ list when making a choice. NextBee loyalty and rewards programs re-engage dormant customers through special promotional credits, inviting them to visit and shop time and again.

    It’s important luxury brands know what their customers expect out of them and to provide what is reasonable. NextBee loyalty program solutions for luxury brands makes it easy for you to converse with your customers. The program makes customer interactions a valuable opportunity for both you and your customers when you have the ability to provide ad-hoc loyalty rewards program during or after customer service interactions. As a result, your customer will begin to realize a sense of personal belonging with your brand. You must ensure that you deliver only great products but also terrific customer service. When you do that successfully, your customers will begin to show loyalty for your brand.

    In addition to it, the NextBee loyalty program solutions developed especially for luxury brands provides you flexible rule configuration which can offer bonuses for almost any activity you can think of: purchases within a category, time of purchase, interactions with your brand, and more.

    The PACE methodology makes the loyalty program solutions further rewarding by sweetening the bond that you’ve managed to build with your customers:

    • Special VIP access to regular, high performance customers
    • Triggered bonus points to encourage spontaneous activity
    • Single sign-on provides a seamless experience to all loyalty program users
    • Advanced analytics identify customer activity patterns and understand user behavior
    • Automated tracking of every aspect of purchases, including returns, charge-backs and customer installment payments
    • Secure API to automatically pull and push order data, giving customers an overview of the loyalty rewards they can redeem

    NextBee also provides complete assistance in designing a loyalty rewards structure that is optimized especially for your brand. With our expertise and extensive experience in creating and offering an ROI positive loyalty rewards program for your luxury brand, you do not really have anything to worry about. Sit back, and relax. With a program so powerful, you can focus merely on developing relationships with customers that will earn you long term business.