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NextBee Publishes Research on the 4 Pillars of Successful Customer Referral Programs

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • In another recent press release, NextBee made public its research on the four pillars of successful Customer Referral Programs. NextBee has been making available its range of diverse marketing programs to small, medium and big businesses alike, and they have successfully brought them new customers and engaged them well. The Customer Referral program that is based on NextBee’s PACE methodology aims at building relationship with customers. NextBee’s PACE methodology stands for Personal, Adaptive, Controlled and Exciting. Customer Referral Programs imbibe each of these qualities and present them to brands’ customers to generate maximum customer engagement.

    NextBee began with developing a program that would make referring a business to customers easier than ever before. The best way to motivate customers to share your brand is to develop a personal relationship with them. A customer who is not connected to you on a personal level will usually not drive your business ahead. NextBee’s customer referral programs thrives on its ability to easily develop a personal connection between a business and its customers. By providing endless points of interaction, the program creates opportunities for you to develop conversations, discuss and evaluate their needs, and establish a connection with them. NextBee’s PACE guidelines open up a world of interesting information that you can utilize to enhance your customers’ experience and sweeten your relationship to encourage greater sharing and purchasing.

    NextBee made its customer referral programs so flexible that brands could change rewards to suit the program needs at different stages. With plenty of options, businesses are always sure to mix and match them perfectly. Besides, you can change program metrics at any stage. With such flexibility, success is guaranteed.

    The control NextBee offers over its referral programs for customers enables you to generate specific response from customers. With embedded tracking links, you can generate viral buzz. Telephone sales tracking lets you track sales and customer referral activity. Everything happens under your eyes, with hardly a chance that you would miss an activity. You can boost sales and customer activity by running sweepstakes and contests frequently. You can also reduce key friction points by keeping track of each step and part of any multi-step sales process, and thereby offer a better customer experience.

    With nearly every aspect of the program under your control, you are sure to create a program that adjusts itself just as the need arises at every point in time.

    NextBee has taken ‘social sharing’ a step further to facilitate greater sharing, utilizing the strength of social media. The program stay exciting at all stages. The customer referral programs let users share discounts coupons, vouchers, achievements and incentives with their friends and family. By offering what the program users desire and through contests that engage them, customer engagement increases and sustains itself.

    When the program takes care of its users, the users ensure they spread it far and wide. The customer referral programs roll successfully and carry themselves on their own.