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Redemption Options from NextBee Provide Flexibility to Match Your Program’s Requirement at Every Stage

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Options make life sweeter, easier and exciting. Imagine being able to choose from a plenty of options to suit your need. That’s power. NextBee’s reward program software gives you that special power to build exciting rewards and change reward redemption options for your customers when they buy your products.

    NextBee gives your customers more than one way to redeem rewards. Wonder why your customers would need more than one way to redeem reward points? Your customers belong to different backgrounds and have different needs. Their preferences, usually, are varied. It may not be enough to offer reward points and letting them redeem them through one way over and over again. It may not excite them if it does not match their needs.

    Every program should offer different rewards as it progresses. At NextBee, we understand that letting your customer use rewards to match their requirement heightens their shopping experience, and so our reward program software makes it easy for you to match your customers’ expectations.

    NextBee’s referral and loyalty reward programs are built around key motivators for program participants. Users can easily send referrals invitations on social media through on-site social sharing widgets or send email referral invitations. To further customer engagement, you can develop your own combination of rewards at different program stages.

    These are some reward redemption options that you can offer to your customers:

    1. Reward- Merchant Gift Card
    Data Source- Manual Batches of 10k cards

    2. Reward- Unique Links to redeem gift cards
    Data Source- API end point on merchant server that accepts email and gift card amount as parameters

    3. Reward-  Service Credit
    Data Source – Batch file from NextBee that lists member information and service credit due

    4. Reward- Store cards
    Data Source- Data pull from merchant cart for redeemed credits in NextBee system

    5. Reward- Shop with points
    Data Source- Dedicated e-commerce portal where users shop with points (NextBee posts store credits for users in this store)

    6. Reward- Shopping cart credit
    Data Source- Real-time client side call to fetch user’s credit in NextBee system (SSO setup required)

    What do your customers prefer- an instant discount on current purchase or a reward points credits to gain bigger discount on a product they would like to buy in future? Understand their needs through a detailed analysis of their preferences and offer just that. The options do not end here. You can encourage your customers to purchase frequently to gain enough points so they can shop with the points they have earned. With such reward redemption options, the opportunity to create separate exciting rewards at different stages of your program is nearly endless.

    With such flexibility, NexBee’s reward redemption options create a profitable program that helps you understand your customers’ requirement and deliver excitement. Do more with greater reward redemption options from NextBee. Make the most out of your rewards program.