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  • Integrate Loyalty Program with Salesforce Business Process

    A survey on Loyalty Program claims – “84 percent of loyalty program members are likely to choose the program retailer over its competitor.” Well, this statistic is really overwhelming which will motivate the companies to implement Loyalty Program in their business process. A new client is always good for the organizations, but retaining the existing clients is also essential since it brings great success to the business in terms of referrals and repeat-purchases. A well-planned Customer Loyalty Program works a lot to drive sales and increase the footfall of repeat customers.





    • Add New Leads
    • Add Custom Object
    • Create New Case
    • Create Tickets
    • Create New Account
    • Add Task
    • Create Note
    • Create New Contact
    • Get Outbound Message
    • Create Folders
    • Create Event
    • Add Opportunity


    • Track Purchase
    • Assign Reward Tier
    • Log Activity
    • Update Segment
    • Give Reward Points
    • Offer Reward
    • Send New Message
    • Schedule New Offer
    • Update Message Sequence
    • Request Feedback
    • Assign a New Task
    • Send eSign Request




    SALESFORCE Business Application is widely used across many companies of any scale. Now, Customer Loyalty Program becoming an integral part of all the Brands, entrepreneurs are looking for a solution which can seamlessly integrate with their existing business process (Salesforce Business Application). NextBee has come up with powerful and effective Loyalty Program Integration methodology which will increase the overall productivity of the sales cycle and customer referrals.


    The benefits of Loyalty Programs urge the Companies to implement such solutions in their business process. NextBee has helped top brands start a Loyalty Program following Loyalty Program best practices. It systematically customizes the software to meet all the business requirements and increase sales spontaneously. For a complete referral process re-engineering and a fresh implementation of a Loyalty Program, NextBee is always at your service. For more information, feel free to contact us.



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