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  • Why is this a good time now to shift towards mobile applications designed specifically to meet your partnership needs?
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    2016 marked an enormous growth in mobile, and thus, mobile marketing. Customers are continuously adapting to mobile devices and applications which in turn increases the opportunities of your business partners. Sophisticated technology and better data are shaping the digital partner marketing industry today. The growing dependence on mobile apps is chiefly to bring contractors, suppliers, and other business partners together, to get more things done in less time, and have a channel for direct communication. Read our report on mobile apps for your partners to find out more.

    A recent survey has found that most business partners prefer using mobile devices to collect information rather than visiting the business portals. It is also an easier platform to send instant notifications about new product launches, upcoming events, product information, and so on. Go through our report to find out more.

    Brands keep a direct control on all their partners’ activities and preferences, and mobile applications helps brand to achieve this holistically on a global scale. It allows the brands to directly analyze their own campaigns’ and partners’ performances – including crucial insights into their customers’ journey – which helps them to better align their partners’ activities and manage their strategic business objectives.

    Mobile apps can be a profitable tool for both you and your business partner as it will allow tracking sales, sharing information, and creating buzz across multiple social media platforms, and so on. Using gamification to generate brand awareness among your business partners is also an effective way to increase engagement. Being able to quickly share information with your partners is the key to success for every organization and the simplest way to do that is by implementing mobile applications. With mobile apps you will be able to share contacts, calendars, files, product information, and so wirelessly from one phone to another at anytime and any place.

    Mobile applications offer a vast range of opportunities for enterprises to add more value to their consumers by extending apps support to partners, suppliers, contractors, and other business partners. Organizations can also save resource and money and mutually benefit from partnering with other enterprises to develop mobile apps that serve as a greater requirement for their consumers.



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