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  • How will mobile applications impact customer engagement and retention?


    Implementing mobile applications in your business strategy can be a risky move, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t rewarding. Most enterprises are going mobile, given the recent industry trends. It is one of the most effective ways to keep track on everything, and increase customer engagement and retention at the same time. Go through our report on customer mobile apps to get a better understanding of the current market trends and the future of enterprise mobile apps.

    The mobile dimension of loyalty and customer management programs is becoming increasingly important for many enterprises across an array of brands over the past couple of years. Brands that want to earn genuine customer commitment need to first, understand their consumer base on the aspects of where they engage and how they’re motivated. These can be easily tracked with the help of mobile applications.

    Businesses will need to follow suit by incorporating mobile applications throughout the customer journey, which means integrating mobile across their organizations – customer service, customer communication, customer engagement, and so on. Companies who are willing to ride this mobile wave will be able to improve their customer experience holistically and ultimately set themselves apart from their competitors.

    Mobile applications enable sending alerts for upcoming events, or new product launches in an instant. Giving your customers the power of information at their finger tips encourages them to increase their app responsiveness, and in turn increases their engagement. Also apps empower your customers to share on different social media platforms more easily.

    Staying relevant in today’s market and meeting the expectations of your up-to-date customers can be quite a task. Companies are looking forward to 2017 to create brand differentiation by serving consumers on their mobile devices. The use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and Internet of Things are going to change the whole business game in 2017.


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