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  • Mobile Apps for your customers report from 2016 and trends to keep an eye on in 2017
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    Digital commerce is on the increase throughout the world – growing at the rate 0f 50% in the past couple of years, with more than 90% of the growth share directly credited to mobile apps. Mobile is now one of the leading platforms, so much so that 70% of the time spent on a smart phone by an average user, is dedicated to mobile apps1. Given below is an approximate report on how mobile apps have contributed to business growth in 2016, and what the predicted plan of use of apps is in 2017.

    Market Insights Reviewed

    • Implications of smart phone apps’ increase in digital media usage time: Customer engagement is on the rise with introduction of mobile apps. It is predicted to rise by 60% in 2017 allowing businesses to flourish.
    • Consumers’ habits on mobile gadgets: Because of ever growing usage time, marketers are able to differentiate their brand names, find opportunities to measure mobile ROI, and increase their investments in application development.
    • Demographic and behavioral characterizing of app users: This helps marketers to channel their products and reach out to the consumers according to their specific needs and demands, which in turn has shown a rapid growth in sales charts.
    • User interaction: Consumer interaction has increased and has helped brands to work on consumer feedback to serve the best quality buying experience and drive brand loyalty. Customer service has also been one of the most developed areas of concern in 2016 due to the implementation of mobile apps.
    • Relationship between mobile app and mobile web: Mobile web is all inclusive and gives the audience a wider reach in terms of research, but mobile apps has helped in raising user engagement, impeccable customer experience, brand and product awareness, ROI and number of sales, and so on.

    2017 Goals

    • Increasing customer attraction and retention by 73%2.
    • Creating a lasting brand loyalty.
    • Creating awareness for brand name, products, and new launches.

    Areas that still need work

    Most of the modern mobile apps require access to real-time events for providing a great customer experience. Alert for flight information, or an end of season sale, customers are more likely to react faster than other traditional marketing methods3. Secondly, app responsiveness is very important for customer retention and engagement. Also, building an infrastructure that can support large scale data distribution is also an area that is always neglected by many businesses while starting out. Developing a hybrid or native app which can be used across different platforms and devices is also crucial.


    Brand differentiation will be more prominent in 2017 as most businesses are willing to go that extra mile by serving their customers in their mobile devices4.

    Mobile web and mobile apps are going to mingle together to form the most powerful tool of marketing ever in history.

    Brand innovation strategy will be reinvented by using artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and Internet of Things.

    Keeping a track on social media marketing, analytics measurement, and so on will become easily accessible for small B2B companies5.

    Lastly, customer adoption of mobile devices for home and wearable devices will bring new opportunities for B2C marketers.



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