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  • What kinds of enterprise mobile applications do employees use today?
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    More and more enterprises are rushing to embrace mobile applications for every business purposes. For employees it is crucial for a company to keep them motivated and engaged, and at the same time increase productivity and efficiency. Enterprise mobile applications have proven to be the best tool till date to serve all purposes for employees most efficiently. From hassle free onboarding, to organizing fun events everything is now available on the go. Read our employee mobile applications report here and get a better understand.

    Enterprises are mainly using mobile application for two reasons; to make employees more productive and to simplify a number of complicated business processes. Gamification is one of the most popular ways to attract employees’ attention and to keep them engaged. Give our report a read to get an expansive idea on the newest industry trends.

    For example, in the airline industries pilots need to carry huge flight manuals on every flight. These manuals change often and needs to be constantly updated which is a hassle. A mobile application can solve this issue very easily and effortlessly.  In the health care industry communication between doctors, nurses, and patients can become exasperating.  Enterprise mobile applications can ease the communication path and also send notifications as and when needed.

    Once you build and deploy the app, the biggest challenge will be to encourage employees to use it. One of the most popular ways to get employees excited about using enterprise applications is by promoting a few healthy competitions between departments. To increase company-wide participation, you can use gamification and other tools to deliver employee satisfaction and also by creating surveys and offering a prizes.

    Enterprise apps are becoming the norm in the workplace. The crucial point is that when you create an enterprise app, it isn’t about the business only, it’s really about your employees using the app. Remember that the applications should be user friendly, engaging and something that your employees will be excited to use, rather than another duty on their already busy schedules.


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