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  • 10 Game Changing Articles to Read on Customer Referral Program
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    Your customers can be your best brand ambassadors, and bring in more revenue and increase your client base than any of the traditional marketing channels. Getting your consumers to talk about your brand can be a strong help to expand your business. Generally people tend to trust their close ones’ words, than an advertisement. Word of mouth marketing also becomes effective at this point, which research has shown the potential to bring in the most ROI, with minimal marketing costs. Let us now take a look at this most effective channel of marketing through some brilliant articles. You can also schedule a demo with NextBee to get an in depth knowledge on customer referral program, and how it may suit your business model.

    1. Referral Marketing 101: 7 Tactics to Launch Your Own Referral Campaign
      This detailed article by Richard Lazazzera can be your ultimate guide for launching your own referral marketing campaign. From implementation to needs to examples and so on, almost everything has been covered in this article. Give this a read to gain a thorough knowledge on referral programs, before you venture out in this zone.


    1. Referral Programs, What Makes One Great?
      From designing your referral programs to planning rewards for your customer, the whole base has been touched and cleared by Alex McEachern. Giving this a read will help with more than half of your homework on referral programs.


    1. Building a Customer Referral Program That Works
      This article offers three simple but effective tips to not only build your referral program, but design a structure that will actually work to give a boost to your business. Being straightforward is also helpful as it helps your customers to understand your policies better, ultimately helping them to build their trust on your brand.


    1. 10 Ways to Drive More Word of Mouth from Your Customer Referral Program
      When it comes to effective marketing that brings positive results, word of mouth marketing is hands down the best in the business. Every research surveys, to top brands will give a nod to the above statement. This article will give you ten different ways to generate word of mouth marketing by using your customer referral program.
    2. How to Boost Your Customer Referrals in 7 Simple Steps
      Use these seven steps to give a boost to your stagnant referral programs. Customization is extremely important if you want your referral programs to retain your old customers and at the same time increase your client base. Give this a read to amp up your customer referral program.


    1. 5 Key Ingredients For a Successful Customer Referral Program
      This refreshing take on referral program with brilliant explanation and descriptive images makes this article a must read. These are some of the few important components that should be considered while designing a successful referral program.


    1. 5 Quick Tips to Building a Customer Referral Program
      Nina Stepanov has compiled these amazing tips to help you build a successful referral program. This list will help you not only to build a referral program which will generate maximum ROI, but is also cost effective.


    1. Absolutely, Positively the Best Referral Program Ideas
      Learn about some of the best referral marketing strategies, and promotional ideas from this well written article. This article also has links to some other ingenious articles on referral marketing programs. Read this article for a thorough explanation on everything related to referral marketing.


    1. How to Build a Customer Referral Program Using Marketing Automation Tools
      Automating your referral program is probably the best thing you can gift to your business. You need to make your brand valuable to your clients, which will help in generating more business and lead your referral program to success. Learn how to achieve this from this well explained article.


    1. Referral Program Examples – An Epic List of 47 Referral Programs
      Now that we have learnt everything that we could have possibly learned about referral programs, let us look at some of the successful referral programs of some of the well known brands. This is a giant list of well known brands and their successful referral programs which will inspire you to design your own successful referral program.
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