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  • 9 Brilliant Articles to Read on B2B Loyalty Programs
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    Few visitors who make their first purchase seldom return for another purchase. And this is an alarming fact because you have invested a lot to acquire new customers. This can be changed only with the help of loyalty programs. There are several benefits of implementing loyalty programs, both financial and non-financial. Ecommerce has opened up a world of possibilities to integrate customized loyalty programs into your business. This will allow you to reward your customers for more than just purchase transactions. Other than rewarding your customers for successful purchases you can also allot rewards for account registrations, referrals, birthdays, facebook and instagram likes and follows, sharing on social media platforms, and so on.

    Now let us look into some of the best articles on B2B loyalty programs.

    1. Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs
    This is a brilliant infographic on the value offered by loyalty programs upon integrating them into your business models. The relationship between the consumer and the firm is crucial to make your business flourish. Loyalty program helps you to thank your customers by adding value to the normal rewards system.

    2. 7 Customer Loyalty Programs That Actually Add Value
    Today customers have all the knowledge thanks to internet, and they research every other portal before deciding on the final one. Sometimes consumers are sold out on value added loyalty programs, more than competitive market pricing. Read this article to know about the various value added reward options to implement in your business.

    3. How to Create Customer Loyalty Programs that Stick
    Gregory Ciotti rightly points out that customer loyalty programs can either be a boon or a curse. When loyalty programs are strategized correctly they will be the key factor to help your business reach new heights. Learn the secrets of designing the perfect customized loyalty program for your business that will both help to attract new customers, as well as retain the old ones.

    4. How to Enhance Your Loyalty Programs Using Social Media
    This well illustrated article by Jessica Williams talks about the current rage of social media, and how it can change the face of your business. The world is connected by social media now, and traditional advertisements are almost extinct. Using social media to advertise your business and loyalty programs helps to bring more visitors, potentially converting them into lifetime loyal customers.


    5. 10 Tips to use Analytics for a World Class Loyalty Program
    Get some of the most awesome tips to build a fantastic loyalty program that actually adds value to your ROI. Studying your analytics help you design a successful loyalty program that your client base actually needs and requires. This will immediately hike up the emotional connect between your firm and your client base.

    6. Customer Loyalty Programs: A Must-Have Retention Strategy
    Customer loyalty programs are of no use if they only attract visitors but cannot retain them. The amount you invest for attracting new customers will only add value when they return for making another purchase. Learn few tips and tricks from this article where not only you will learn how to attract customers, but also learn how to retain them for a lifetime.

    7. How Analytics Is Transforming Customer Loyalty Programs
    Not only is designing a customized loyalty program crucial for your business, but it is also important to have a competitive strategy in mind while creating customized B2B loyalty programs. Use customer data, and business transaction details to improve your loyalty programs.

    8. The Secret To Creating Loyalty Programs That Actually Work
    This descriptive article provides extensive insight on what to incorporate and what to avoid while creating a loyalty program that drives ROI. Offering a seamless and best customer experience is an important part of any loyalty program, which we also learn from this article.

    9. Your Loyalty Program is Betraying You
    Don’t get a wrong idea while reading the title of this article. It does contain a lot of examples of loyalty programs that failed to deliver, but it serves the purpose of letting you know what to avoid while designing your own loyalty program. Nobody can deny the importance of loyalty programs in any sort of business as it gives a boost to your ROI. The article ends on a positive note with a call to action that will help you to strategize the best loyalty program for your business.

    B2B Loyalty Programs designed by Next Bee for their clients have proven to be more than successful all throughout. We also have our very own blog which you can go through to gain even more knowledge on loyalty programs.

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