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  • 10 Successful Referral Program Examples
  • referral-program-solution-nextbeeGood things, when used to the best of their potential, can yield great results. Technological means have changed how marketing programs, in particular, help brands reach out to new prospects, find new customers and deliver results. Of the many brands that use referral solutions now, some companies have used referral programs better than most of their competitors, and have, hence, got better results.

    Here is Nextbee’s list of successful referral programs implemented by some famous brands. We are sure they will inspire you to think how you can go about creating a ROI-positive and successful referral program designed around your brand.



    #1. PayPal Referral Program – Real Cash Earning Opportunities: In good faith, PayPal introduced a referral program that is quite a straightforward cash earning opportunity for its customers. The results, undoubtedly, are much higher than any other traditional marketing effort put into work by PayPal.

    On top of that, daily 7-10% increase in growth rate of PayPal through referrals is a story that will be told for long time.


    #2. Uber’s Referral Program – Two-Sided Referral Benefits

    Uber Referral program creates a win-win situation for referrers and their friends. Help your friends to earn Uber Credits, redeemable as discount on their first travel. As soon as your friend finishes the ride, both the referrer and referee get rewarded.


    #3. Airbnb Referral Program – Earn Yourself $100 Travel Credit

    Airbnb has rolled out a referral program for its customers offering benefits of up to $100 travel credits. Referring a friend credits $25 instantly into the referrer’s account and the remaining $75 threshold follows when your friend host guests at his place.

    So, if you are due for a travel, save yourself $100. You see where the benefit lies in for you?


    #4. Enter the League of Legends Referral Program – A Social Acknowledgement

    League of Legends referral program is a great place to earn some exciting IPs (Influence Points) and enjoy the spirit of gaming prodigy in you. Keep reaching the milestones and unravel bigger and better rewards. Besides, social badges offer social recognition – all the more reasons to participate.


    #5. Eventbrite Referral Program – Sell Tickets of Your Program and Get Paid

    As simple as it can get, referring your friends to sell tickets of an event gets you payment when your referred users sign up for Eventbrite.


    #6. Marin Software’s Referral Program for Employees – Reward upto $2000

    Imagine how it would be if your company pays you for introducing your friends? With Marin Software’s employee referral program, you refer you friends and fill up to $2000 in your wallet on successful signing of agreements.


    #7. Elance Referral Program – Dual Deal Option

    With Elance referral program, you can instantly refer your friends connected on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or emails. Even simpler is choosing your reward – either $10 or 10 extra connects.


    #8. iStockPhoto Referral program – Wider Reward Option

    Joining this referral program, again, is very easy. Reward options are vibrant and offer choices. Customers can choose from $20 flat rate, 20 iStockPhoto credit points or an exclusive 20% commission on purchases made by your referred users.


    #9. Zoho Mail Referral Program – Spread the Word

    Special bonus offer is what you get with Zoho Mail referral program. They say it quite clearly “Already using Zoho Mail as your Business email service and loving it? Spread the word.” Refer Zoho Mail to other businesses and get up to 15 additional bonus users in your Zoho Mail account.


    #10. Get 5GB Extra Data Storage for Referring Friends to Copy.Com

    They have kept it simple. Referring friends to Copy.com earns opportunity to help yourself and your friend grab additional 5GB free data storage.


    What should be the Best Solution for Your Business?

    There are no specifics for creating a referral program. Ends are always open for being creative, innovative and resourceful in implementing referral program ideas. The key is to understand your customers’ expectations. Start planning now or ask us to know how we can design a unique referral program around your brand’s needs.

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