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  • Boost Referrals and Engagement with a Branded Facebook App
  • Features of Branded Facebook App designed by NextBeeSocial media is a great platform for building brand reach and finding new customers. It’s a teeming market present online, seeking new products, looking to play games and ready to grab new offers floating on social sites. The market has changed further for good. With an increasing number of people accessing social sites regularly from mobile phones, brands are looking to engage customers through mobile apps.

    NextBee designs Branded Facebook App, centered on generating excitement around one of the most popular social networking site today – Facebook. The Facebook app comes with tools to create social promotions. Brands’ Social Media Managers can create numerous exciting contests directly on Facebook and engage their users.

    NextBee has also addressed brands’ need to generate awareness. With a dedicated Facebook tab and embeddable referral and social sharing widgets optimized for mobile apps, users can easily share product descriptions, informative how-to videos and product launch photos with friends and family. Referrals increase the number of Facebook fans, thereby raising the opportunity for brands to present their offerings to more users.

    The Branded Facebook App lets marketers build unlimited reward options. They can offer cash, bonus points, incentives, electronic gift cards to top performers. Reward options increase user excitement. Excellent rewards fulfillment support develops engagement further.

    None of these would be possible without detailed tracking. NextBee’s Advanced Analytics track user engagement and robust reporting generates detailed engagement reports, so managers can identify the customers, messages, offers and rewards that generate more engagement.

    NextBee designs a fully customized Branded Facebook App for mobile within a few weeks. Schedule an online meeting or call NextBee now to get your brand a Facebook App that will increase your fan base and engage them constantly.


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