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  • Social Commerce Program: Built to Develop Revenue-Raising Activities
  • We know how the market has transformed – from brick and mortar stores to online retail stores. At NextBee, we design solutions to facilitate marketing for businesses. By means of technological tools and our marketing expertise, we have always developed solutions that make it easy for businesses to find new customers, retain the existing ones and keep their customer base continually engaged for long periods.

    Such important and vast has social media become that businesses have found a new market here. It’s a teeming market comprised of millions of active sellers and buyers. To retailers, what should interest the most is the opportunity to find engaging ways of attracting customers.

    NextBee designs Social Commerce program as a complete package for every brand looking to build solid presence on social media. The program helps brands engage their customers through e-coupons, customized deals, polls and surveys. The program dynamics are designed to guide customers towards making a buying decision and returning back to make future purchases.


    Features: Social Commerce Platform designed by Nextbee


    NextBee’s Intelligent Analytics offer detailed insights on customer activity, active customers, at-risk accounts, and popular items and offers. Brands can easily build exciting offers based on individual customer profiles as well.

    Your customer can lose interest if they aren’t offered fresh activities to indulge in. NextBee gives brands smart tools to easily build exciting contests and sweepstakes. These serve to generate buzz quickly and capture valuable customer data. We also help you build catchy landing pages and forms to enable this. Using NextBee’s embeddable referral and social sharing widgets, brands can increase their products and offers’ visibility on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These sharing widgets can be embedded anywhere – product page, checkout or purchase confirmation. Easy to share, customers can instantly share their purchases, rewards and products of potential interest with their friends and family on social media. Every customer activity is trackable. Brand managers can guide customer activity with our Flexible Rule Engine that allows them to assign different reward points and incentives for separate activities.

    NextBee’s suite of smart features engages social communities as well. Brands can identify their top customers and recruit them as advocates, who shall develop conversations and spread brand awareness. Level-Up structure develops activity by motivating customers to perform better. Level-Ups offer access to better rewards. A robust rewards platform supports nearly every kind of reward – cash, bonus points, incentives, electronic cards, physical items, and more. Instant rewards delivery ensures brands can credit rewards instantly to the customer account.

    NextBee makes it convenient for brands to increase their products’ visibility, helping them attract new customers and increasing repeat visits. Call now or schedule a demo online to see how we can custom-configure a Social Commerce program around your brand’s needs.

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