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Customer and Partner Engagement

Boost Referrals and Engagement with a Branded Facebook App

Social media is a great platform for building brand reach and finding new customers. It’s a teeming market present online, seeking new products, looking to play games and ready to grab new offers floating on social sites. The market has changed further for good. With an increasing number of people accessing social sites regularly from […]

Apr 21, 2015

Using Influencer Marketing Platform to Generate Awareness

Got a definitive marketing strategy planned and still no luck? Things happen. Developing brand awareness and finding new customers can be a quite a challenge unless you begin to connect with them. A good way of doing so is finding brand influencers who will develop conversations with customers, share your offerings and increase market’s acceptance […]

Apr 21, 2015

Membership Rewards Program as a Solution to Retain and Engage Members

Loyal customers – even if only a few – can do wonders for any business. They refer and make repeat purchases, increasing your customer base and revenue. The big question, however, is – How can brands develop loyalty within their customers? A lot of businesses tend to presume their customers are loyal, and that’s a […]

Apr 20, 2015

How Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs Brings Brand Success

No wonder customers are a brand’s prized possession, but the value of its employees cannot be underestimated. Enthusiastic employees can bring a brand close to its business goals. The impact of productive employees can indeed be more than imagined. Companies around the world have realized how much impact employees can have on their success. A […]

Apr 20, 2015

Transform Your Marketing with Franchise Marketing Software

At NextBee, we have a solution to brands’ every marketing need. From engagement solutions designed for small, medium and large sizes to those expanding quickly, we have helped businesses engage customers, develop brand loyalty and raise brand awareness quickly. Our Franchise Marketing Software is an effective marketing solution tailored especially to assist businesses engage their […]

Apr 17, 2015

Developing Loyalty Just became Easier with Mobile App Loyalty

We understand how much customer loyalty means to brands. Intense competition among brands, customers’ growing purchasing power and plenty of options to choose from have only made it difficult for brands to retain their customers. Brands have been developing offers and offering loyalty cards, but it’s a different scenario with mobile phones making such a […]

Apr 16, 2015

Engaging Customers Instantly with a Customer Contests Program

Business is a game of customer engagement, and the tussle to keep customers engaged is only going to grow. For a brand seeking to increase its customers’ lifetime value, it means more than offering a few offers to attract them. Customers are human beings, who tend to lose interest in anything that becomes routine. NextBee […]

Apr 16, 2015

Keep Your Member Base Engaged with a Member Perks Program Designed by NextBee

Keeping your growing base of members engaged can be quite a challenge if you do not have excitement to offer. It is important for you as a brand to develop loyalty within your members.  Members – employees and customers – like to be treated as special users. Brands around the world are therefore constantly making […]

Apr 15, 2015

Social Commerce Program: Built to Develop Revenue-Raising Activities

We know how the market has transformed – from brick and mortar stores to online retail stores. At NextBee, we design solutions to facilitate marketing for businesses. By means of technological tools and our marketing expertise, we have always developed solutions that make it easy for businesses to find new customers, retain the existing ones […]

Apr 15, 2015

How Employee Contests Help Businesses Make Employees More Productive

Employee contribution plays an instrumental role in deciding a company’s future. Enthusiastic employees make efforts willingly, perform better and help companies accomplish goals faster. Unfortunately, employees can get bored of their routine schedule very soon. With lack of attention on employee engagement, this is inevitable. Businesses have now focused their attention on keeping their employees […]

Apr 14, 2015