How To Create University Employee Engagement
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  • Employee engagement is an important facet of productivity for every organization, whether big or small. An engaged employee is more likely to stay longer with the organization, become at least 20% more productive than their unengaged peers, and is likely to speak highly about the institution they are associated with.

    University employee engagement programs can help bring up motivational levels in your staff, increase participation and involvement in university-related activities, and reduce attrition. If done right and updated regularly, a successful university employee engagement program can make your employees strong advocates of your institution. Let’s see how to create university employee engagement with NextBee.

    • Create A Community For Employees

      Foster a community environment for university employees where they can share their experiences and help each other. Working alone- or even feeling you’re alone- can hurt creativity and affect productivity. While some do enjoy working by themselves, it can encourage everyone to know that others are available for them in their times of need.The community should be run in a way that fosters growth and creates a positive environment for every member of the university. If implemented successfully, these university employee engagement initiatives will drive growth and team spirit, further leading to higher engagement levels.

    • Learning and Development

      Employees feel motivated when they understand their employers care about them. A great way to show that your employees matter to you is by investing in their needs and providing them with the necessary tools and training materials.Giving your employees the tools to learn and grow in their careers acts as a motivation to do more. Encourage them to participate in conferences and educational events, or organize them at the campus where they can take part in the activities and increase their networks onsite.

      Not having access to quality training or support can discourage employees and frustrate them. This may lead to helplessness. If you really want to increase employee engagement on campus, you must listen to your staff’s needs and help them achieve their personal and career goals.

    • Encourage New Ideas

      Taking suggestions and new ideas from your employees brings up motivation level. There can be numerous ideas or plans your employees may have wanted to implement for a long time, but due to lack of communication, the ideas which may have been useful remained unexpressed.Make your employees feel that you care about their opinions. You can have open discussions during weekly or monthly meetings, have a suggestion box, or an online forum or page where your employees can share their ideas.

      Open communication can bring out practical methods of making their work easy, increasing creativity, and creating a progressive university culture. The best way to increase university employee engagement is by giving your employees what they need.

    • Provide Due Recognition

      Recognizing employees for their contributions and achievements is crucial for high employee engagement on campus. Recognition lets them know that their contributions are valued, and encourages them to perform better. Timely recognition of your employees’ efforts defines the goals and measures of success among your employees. When you credit someone for their efforts, others look at it as the standard behavior to get recognition.It’s crucial to identify and reward employees for their excellent performance. The behavior that you reward gets repeated, so make sure you are consistent with your praises. This could be anything- from creating unique methods of teaching to being more timely with task completions.

      Recognition lets employees see the bigger picture. Often, those working at the bottom of the chain cannot see how their daily activities impact the organization and may feel like their contribution is not worth it, leading to lack of motivation. Recognition of even the simplest tasks can help your employees see how important their role in the university is.

    NextBee’s University Employee Engagement program recognized a need to develop engagement plans for university staff, and created a robust platform that perfectly meets the needs of your employees. We help you build an online platform where everyone can communicate with each other, get an understanding of other departments and find ways to work together.

    NextBee simplifies engagement practices into an easy-to-use program. Our platform allows you to manage rewards and recognitions, encourage idea generation and communication between peers, and create a space for growth, learning, and development.

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