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  • Employee recognition is a must-have tool for any type of organization. Employee recognition programs increase employee engagement, happiness, and overall work experience. In the long run, employee recognition practices can reduce employee turnover by creating an enriching organizational culture.

    For any employee recognition program to work, its goals must be well-defined. You must know why you want to implement the employee recognition program, what benefits you are expecting out of it, and whether you and your team are ready for the change.

    Some of the most common reasons for the creation of an employee recognition program are:

    • Make employees feel valued
    • Communicate how their work is helping the company
    • Encourage employees to support and recognize each other’s work

    So how should you approach building a program? Here are a few of the key things to focus on:

    • Get Everyone Involved

      When you begin an employee recognition program, make sure all employees are equal recipients of its benefits. Encourage not just the managers and team leaders to support their team members and subordinates, but also promote peer-to-peer recognition. This will help bring out the best of the employee’s in the program.

    • Recognition Should Be Consistent

      Making your recognition program consistent doesn’t mean just sending an automated message to employees. When your employees complete a milestone or their daily quota, make sure to send them a personalized note of appreciation.Employee recognition tools like NextBee come with automation features that let you decide how and when personalized messages should be sent, sends you reminders after completion of milestones, and makes a note of all employees’ achievements.

    • Personalization Matters

      It is quite easy to differentiate between a generic appreciation post and one that is personalized, especially if you’re at the receiving end of the message. Not only does a generic message not have the desired impact, but it may even drive productivity in the opposite direction. It takes only a few minutes of your time to craft a message that is meaningful, shows gratitude and is personalized. It makes the recipient feel special and valued. It also gives out the impression that their work matters and that their work is important to the company.

    • Reward Options

      Along with words of appreciation, rewards and gifts are the best motivators. NextBee’s catalogue of reward options has something in store for all occasions, achievements, and recognitions. A discount coupon or movie ticket doesn’t cost much, but is an effective reward. A reward for every action encourages that behaviour can exponentially increase productivity in the workplace.Implementing a system of providing rewards keeps your employees motivated and eager to work harder. A large reward library or rotating reward options keeps employees interested. This is where an employee recognition program comes in handy.

    • Gifts Should Be Desirable

      When you reward your employees, make sure what you offer is of attractive value to them. High quality and personalized rewards will have the best desired effect on receivers. Make sure you understand what your employees value most, then cater to those needs. These rewards can be anything from gift vouchers, discounts, merchandise, reward points, and more.When running an employee recognition program, you need to know it’s a dynamic process. Companies with successful recognition programs understand that changes and revaluations in their success program are crucial.

    Larger organizations that want to see their employees happy may consider this as a challenge due to the large number of workers they need to cater to. But fear not!

    NextBee was built for this. Our employee success programs help companies of all shapes and sizes to start and optimize their employee recognition program, with minimal input on their part. Our team is made up of experts who will guide you and help you achieve your goals.

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