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Tailor Made Customer Loyalty Program Vs Ready Made Customer Engagement Software
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  • Your business is unique.
    You might have a diverse range of customers.
    The way you deal with your customers might vary.
    And maybe your day to day operations might not match with your competitors.

    Though there could be some basic similarities, there has to be something uncommon. So as the business requirements.

    And for that – do you think a readymade customer engagement tool can personalize all the aspects of a customer loyalty program?

    Well, if you follow a conventional trend of running your business and dealing with customers, then ready-made software might fulfill your needs temporarily.

    But, if you want to go a step ahead of your competitors, and make your brand one of a kind, you must implement a tailor-made customer loyalty program.

    Let’s dive into the answers to the following questions, and try to understand the various aspects of a tailor-made customer loyalty program along with a ready-made customer engagement solution.
    Q. What is the advantage of having a customized loyalty program over readymade solution?

    A loyalty program (customer engagement software), when implemented properly can help you to reach potential customers, retain them, and increase revenue. To engage your customers, it’s recommended to implement a personalized loyalty program than just following the generic loyalty schemes.

    The reason behind this is, business owners have different needs and the way to attract customers is not always the same. Moreover, all trades have a diverse base of customers and also the ways of attracting them will vary. Therefore, it is advisable to have a loyalty program that is customized according to the requirement of the business and also the customers.

    Benefits of a customized loyalty program:

    • Reach desirable audience
    • Targeted schemes followed
    • Better rewards options
    • Wider business goals
    • Get More sales

    Q. Can a readymade customer loyalty solution suffice the goals of various businesses?

    When you opt for a readymade customer engagement tool, it can achieve targets to some extent. These programs are able to engage customers with your brand, but, still are not able to serve all the purpose of increasing revenue.

    A readymade loyalty program couldn’t suffice all the actual needs of the trade. Hence, a tailor-made loyalty program proves to be more beneficial and sufficient rather than readymade stuff.

    With the help of customized engagement software, you can do the following:

    • Optimized loyalty rewards structure
    • Incentivize User Activity
    • Promote Reward Choice
    • Provide Ad-Hoc Points
    • Directly Contact Early Achievers
    • Push motivational updates
    • Track all loyalty rewards activity
    • Offer special bonus points

    Q. How is it possible to integrate a loyalty program with 3rd party software?

    Loyalty program is the best way to engage with customers and maintaining continuous business with them. This program can be integrated with several 3rd party software. In fact, it can also be integrated with CRM solutions, Oder management solutions, HRM software, and many more.

    This is the advantage of implementing a robust, customizable, scalable, and seamless Loyalty reward solution. It can surely prove to be more beneficial for many good reasons listed below –

    • Track meaningful data after integrating
    • More Convenient for the businesses to operate
    • Can be used as a multichannel
    • Track Purchase
    • Assign Reward Tier
    • Update customer Segment
    • Manage Reward Points
    • Assign a New Task

    Also, Loyalty programs can be integrated with POS systems easily and streamline your process. This will serve as a medium to get all of your services in a single platform and will make them connect at the same place. On integrating the loyalty program with POS, you can –

    • Reward your customers with loyalty points on each payment they make
    • Make personalized offers to make them stick to your brand
    • Allow customers to redeem it while buying in the future by showing the receipts
    • Offer one simple loyalty reward rate on all items


    Q. Is your loyalty program optimized pertaining to the brand’s requirement?

    It is necessary to have a loyalty program that is specifically optimized for your brand. And this is only possible with the help of custom-made software.

    Prior to that, brands should know what their customer-base, what they are expecting from your brand, and craft themselves accordingly.

    A successful loyalty program is developed focusing more on paying attention to customers of the particular brands.

    This will make sure that all businesses increase their brand recognition and at the same time remain in customers’ memory for a longer period. This will help the brand to stay on top of the customers’ list when making a choice.

    Optimizing a loyalty and rewards programs re-engage dormant customers through special promotional credits, inviting them to visit and shop time and again. NextBee has launched its latest loyalty program solutions for various industry segments that are fully capable of customization as per the business requirements.

    NextBee helps you maintain an army of loyal customers who are as excited about your brand as you are! At NextBee, we are always here to help you develop a best-quality loyalty program that is suitable for your business. We also offer robust customer service and feels pride in your success. Feel free to connect with us and explore more on loyalty, referral, engagement, and advocacy solutions.