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50 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask About Successful Referral Programs

  Starting a Referral Program is perhaps the oldest and the most trusted marketing strategy. Considering the fact that your products and services are up to the mark, formulating a proper and well-planned Referral Program can bring success for your business.   Referral Marketing does a lot to influence the target audience through your existing […]

Aug 24, 2017

Articles Worth Reading on Employee Engagement

Employee engagement allows your employees to feel passionate about their jobs, and increases their commitment to the firm, and put in more focused effort on their part. Overall quality output is increased, along with the dedication and trust of your employees. It is also an indication of how happy and content your employees are. Increasing […]

Dec 14, 2016

Boost your business with referral marketing solution

What is referral marketing? Marketing is essentially about communicating value. Marketing can even happen when you are not consciously aiding it. If you create something valuable people will automatically start talking about it. What a marketer needs to do is influence masses, making sure everyone understands the value of your product. Brand advocacy is a […]

Aug 12, 2016

8 Ways Employee Referral Programs Make Hiring Productive

One might wonder why a company would need employee referral programs when there are managers and HRs to perform the same functions. For the reason, businesses were skeptical of implementing an employee referral program as an integral part of their recruitment process. But that was until a few years ago. Brands are now adopting new […]

Oct 9, 2014