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  • Mobile Apps for Your Social Connections 2017 Report
  • From the business perspective, one of the most promising markets is that of the niche that social media offers. While most of us were unaware, a new paradigm had been unfolding in the background. The buzz word of today is integration. Apps can get boring by just being there on their own. When apps are integrated with social media the true potential of the app can be explored. This trend of integrating social media in various mobile apps has proved to be the game-changer for business. It is crucial to get a good amount of followers on social media platforms to drive business growth. In today’s age of online entrepreneurs, a good social media following will help in increasing your business’s visibility as well as help you to reach out to a wider and greater audience.

    Industry Insights Reviewed

    • An average smartphone user has about 36 applications installed in his/her smartphone. Only one in four out of those 36 apps are used daily, while one in four apps are never used at all. The most common types of apps used daily on an average are social/communication and gaming apps.1
    • The major source of app awareness is generated through app store and word of mouth, but research has also shown that one out of four users discover apps with the help of a search engine.
    • Most app users take into consideration the price of an app before hitting the download button. But search ads can are more effective in influencing a user to download it. Among all the app users who were influenced by ads to download an app on their smartphones, around 50% were prompted through search ads to go ahead with the download.
    • App users tend to turn towards their smartphones to help make purchase decisions. Of these potential buyers, 45% app users look for more product or business information, 29% of users take it a step ahead to complete that purchase, either offline or online.
    • Three-fourth of app users uninstalls or stops using apps because they lose interest. To renew app engagement among users, incentives prove to be very effective. Out of those users who stop using apps, 30% will be willing to use the app again if offered a nice discount, and 24% will give in and reuse the apps of offered bonus or exclusive content.

     Features that will enhance your mobile app’s values

    • NextBee’s interactive buzz including various activities, rewards and incentives for unprecedented sharing and advocacy will help enhance the overall experience of the app user.
    • 360º Engagement, from Facebook to Pinterest, tools will ensure to extend your reach everywhere and anywhere.
    • Track visibility, sharing, engagement and sales to use the data to drive business growth.


    Aims to Fulfill in 2017

    • Mobile app install campaigns and other online advertisements across display, search, and video offers an effective way to promote apps to potential users during their moment of determination wherever they might be.
    • Considering most installed apps are rarely used, users need an irresistible value proposition to start and continue using an app. Users’ engagement and interest in apps are best stimulated with incentives, discount offers and exclusive content.
    • Creating deep links, so that you can connect with your users directly to relevant places in your app to take advantage of your content or offer.

    Challenges to Overcome

    Maintaining engagement in mobile apps can prove to be a huge opportunity for your business. Most app users download apps to uninstall it right after their work is done. Keeping them engaged, and providing attractive content is the key to keep a steady user base. Incentives and discounts also prove to be some of the best ways to reengage users. User friendly apps also help in boosting app usage in average.2


    Having your own mobile app is imperative to increase engagement on your different social media platforms, and for the success of your online community.3  An app enables you to get many of your users to stay connected on-the-go with your community and helps increases your brand awareness. Using social tools within training and management systems of your business will also help to connect your partners with your experts and make the communication path easily accessible.


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