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    Research has found that the number of cell phones in use have far exceeded the human population on this earth. Therefore it can be derived that smartphones are the choice of mobile device for most people and organizations. This gives organizations a unique and smart opportunity to engage their employees in several meaningful and different ways. Organizations can build apps for onboarding processes, orientation, engagement through gamification, increase their productivity, and so on.

    Employee engagement has a direct impact on employee retention, which translates into a company’s profit. Making employee engagement is a priority for every organization’s business strategy to keep ROI steady and increasing at every step. Let us look at a few ways which will help increase employee engagement through mobile apps.

    1. Onboarding and orientation of new employees:
      It is time to throw out dated methods of onboarding and orientation processes, and embrace faster and more efficient tools to make hiring a breezy process. Handing out information booklets, to giving key HR information everything can be done through mobile apps. It will act like an open but private communication channel between you and your employees and your team.
    2. Make the training programs fun and informative at the same time:
      It is not only important to have good trainers with good training sessions for your new and existing employees, it is also very important to retain all those information. A mobile app can come in handy here to help them get access to important materials, training videos, and so on.
    3. Gamify your business to increase engagement:
      Gamification is the newest addition in the technological world to serve information and fun at the same time. Developing a mobile app and gamifying the content will help employees to gain more interest in accessing specific work material and will also help in increasing their information retention capacity.


    4. Provide a simple tool for employees to give their feedback:
      Give your employees a simple and user friendly mobile app to provide feedback on company initiatives, or a fellow team member’s performance. This will help in inspiring all the employees, and increase their productivity and quality of work output.
    5. Generate excitement about the company’s goals:
      Not all news needs to be addressed in an expensive in-house party or event, it can be simply generated through mobile applications to help motivate employees and get them excited. It will also help them remind from time to time about why they started working for your company in the first place. It is also a great way to celebrate successes, remind people about the company’s values, or set goals for the next quarter.
    6. Enrollment process:
      Open enrollment can be confusing for most of your employees, a custom mobile app will help your HR team to give employees adequate insurance information, maintain a calendar for meetings and other important dates, and other such resources. It will also help your HR team in sending push notifications to inform your employees about enrollment processes and help them take the best decision possible.


    7. Make your employees social:
      Mobile apps can help enhancing corporate events and outings, and make things more fun. Employees will be able to share photos of a team bonding trip, or a holiday party, or even of a volunteer day to make things more memorable. The app can be also used to organize games and other social event to get everyone involved and have fun.
    8. Professional development is also attainable through mobile apps:
      Break the barriers and help your employees to reach out to their seniors for advice, inspiration, and develop or enhance their skills along with increasing their engagement and retain employees for a longer period of time.

    Surveys have shown that companies who have implemented mobile apps for such operations have had 50% higher employee engagement, satisfaction, and operational efficiency. To make your company up-to-date according to a 21st century workplace, mobile apps is an absolute necessity.

    Worried where to begin? Don’t fret, NextBee will help in sorting out your business strategy and help you out. Not only do NextBee’s mobile apps increase employee engagement by providing 360 degree engagement through virtual sharing, but they also let you develop interesting, creative contents that your employees can access from their mobile devices. Imagine being able to track employee feedback, productivity, and efficiency and inspire and motivate them at the same time. That is possible with NextBee’s mobile apps for employee engagement programs.

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