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  • Some Good Blogs to Follow On B2B Marketing Campaigns
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    B2B marketing campaigns are still evolving and is at their very early stage. But still marketing campaigns have taken industries by a storm, and has changed the complete outlook from the traditional marketing strategies. From making blogs and micro-sites stand out with outstanding imageries, giving social media a makeover, to increasing traffic with user friendly and clever designs, digital marketing has changed the whole game. Check out our e-book to gain a thorough knowledge on this new trend for free. Apart from that let’s look at some other articles that have stood out for their incredible contents.

    1. 6 Tips for Better B2B Marketing (Infographic)

    Learn about the six effective fundamental tips to strategize a marketing program. This inforgraphic also shares the details of how social media is increasingly becoming an important platform for any digital marketing strategy.

    1. The 8 best B2B digital marketing campaigns of 2016

    It is the end of another year and it is also the time for us to learn from some of the tops brands about their successful digital marketing campaign. This article will not only give you the name of the companies, but will also share the details of their marketing campaign programs to help inspire you.

    1. Take Action! Why Explainer Videos Work for B2B Marketing

    This is one of the newest and user friendly trends that are popping up in most well known brand’s website. It highlights your products and features in a short, precise and attractive video to help engage your members.

    1. Generating Ideas for Marketing Campaigns

    Try giving a fresh approach to your marketing strategy with this article. This is a very succinct article on different ways in which you can drive your marketing campaign to optimize the results.

    1. 5 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

    Ashley Taylor Anderson compiles few of the most inspiring marketing campaigns of all time into this one article. This is a well illustrated and highly researched article that will explain why some of the campaigns worked for the respective companies. It basically shows you that creativity is always rewarded, than following conventional and boring marketing strategies.


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