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  • Rewards Program Articles That Are Worth Giving A Read
  • shutterstock_267350591In today’s competitive market, loyalty rewards programs are extremely important for continued business growth. It’s more difficult to find new customers than it is to retain existing members. From retailers to grocery store owners, to salon and fitness centers, everyone is turning towards loyalty programs to promote repeat transactions. It has been seen that regular customers tend to spend more and are influenced to sign up for additional upgraded services. Thus it is crucial to provide incentives to your loyal members for them to return to your brand, and win in this competitive market. Rewards programs are definitely one of the most researched divisions of a loyalty program here at Next Bee. You can go through our blog posts to gain further insights on this amazing tool. To get a more theoretical knowledge on rewards programs, read these few articles that we have selected for you.

    1. Rewards Programs: Consumer Protection & Compliance

    Learn the right ingredients to bake the perfect success dish for your business from this article. Often the things that we think are enough are not really adequate. Every little detail feeds into your brand name, and converts a visitor into a loyal member for a lifetime. And the secret ingredient for this perfect concoction is rewards. Read on to learn about the different concern zones, and complex areas to build a successful rewards program strategy.

    1. A Simple Guide to Building a Successful Loyalty Rewards Program [Infographic]

    This brilliant infrographic will answer all your questions as to why loyalty rewards program is gaining so much popularity in today’s digital age. This very insightful article by Lindsay Kolowich focuses on the basic strategy of loyalty program mechanics that can be applied to businesses of any scale to increase consumer retention and ROI.

    1. 20 Ways to Reward Repeat Visitors on Your Ecommerce Site

    So you already know what rewards program is and what are techniques you can implement, but using them the in right way to engage your consumers and not create confusion can be tough. This article will provide you with several ready ways in which you can increase repeat transactions from your customers by strategically using your loyalty program’s key elements.

    1. Rewards Programs That Drive Customer Loyalty & Encourage The Right Behaviors

    Zenoti shares their view on rewards program in this article, which generates customer engagement and business transaction processes and answers the question about implementing loyalty programs in order to fulfill the goals, especially in influencing a consumer’s buying behavior. You will find ways and tips on creating a successful rewards program here that will help in increasing ROI and in the general growth of your business.



    1. Reasons to Treat Customers Like Your Mom

    This is an interesting take on the need for rewarding your customers, from the CEO and co-founder of Ifeelgoods, Michael Amar. This article will show you, what is the value of the gesture of rewarding your loyal customers hold, for your brand name. Meeting the expectations of your customers is crucial to increase brand engagement and word of mouth marketing, and expectation can be only met with impeccable service, quality products, stellar customer support, and of course a token of appreciation.

    1. 5 Tips to Create a Rewards Program that Drives Revenue

    Josh Enzer created the top five easy to implement tips about rewards programs that generate ROI which not only explains what loyalty rewards program is but also how and why exactly it works. Examples and tips on designing each part of your program will help you to design a customized loyalty program that will cater to the needs and requirements of your client base.

    1. How to Create Customer Loyalty Programs that Stick

    Now that we have read through so many great articles it might become a little complex to keep everything in mind while designing your loyalty program. Simplicity is the key to success for any loyalty program, and this article will explain you how and why. Differentiating between high spending customers and normal visitors will help you to acknowledge your client base in a more personalized way.

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