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  • Spreading Awareness with Word of Mouth Marketing Program
  • As a business looking to make some strong presence online, brands need more than conventional marketing techniques to grow. As a solution to generate awareness, NextBee has designed Word of Mouth Marketing Program that helps businesses generate buzz quickly and effectively. With its suite of smart sharing and referral tools, the NextBee-designed program increases visibility of brands and their products, offers and purchases both online and offline. Now, isn’t that what a complete word of mouth solution should offer?

    The program comes with embeddable referral and social sharing widgets that are easy to use. These can be embedded anywhere on the website: product pages, images, shopping cart, checkout or purchase notification. Social Connect plugin facilitates sharing on almost every popular social networking site – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn. Easy Contact Importer lets users import their contacts on social media and send referrals in a click.

    Marketers can also use printed referral cards and unleash referrals offline. Referrals are trackable. The Word of Mouth Marketing platform lets brand managers monitor user performances and referrals from a single Dynamic Dashboard. They can track referrals generated, emails opened and links clicked with NextBee’s Advanced Analytics. In addition to it, they can also track the referrers who contributed and the leads generated. This helps in rewarding referrers for increasing the brand’s revenue. Such features develop brand loyalty and engage users in day-to-day referral activity.

    The opportunities to reward are unlimited. NextBee’s robust rewards platform supports almost any kind of reward – cash payouts, cheque, electronic gift cards, points, extended service, physical items, coupons, and more. Users receive rewards instantly with NextBee’s excellent rewards fulfillment service that credits rewards to users’ account with the click of a button.

    Brand managers can make the most of NextBee’s flexible program features and assign reward points for developing desirable behavior. Users can share exciting offers, cashbacks, purchases, rewards earned with friends and family using social sharing and referral widgets and earn rewards for generating leads.

    NextBee encourages brands to go a step further and offer social recognition through digital profile badges, rankings on leaderboards and level-ups.

    Every Word of Mouth Marketing program feature is designed to motivate users to spread brand-related information easily. Schedule an online meeting or call NextBee now to discover how you can get the perfect solution to spreading awareness.

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