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  • Engaging Customers Instantly with a Customer Contests Program
  • Business is a game of customer engagement, and the tussle to keep customers engaged is only going to grow. For a brand seeking to increase its customers’ lifetime value, it means more than offering a few offers to attract them. Customers are human beings, who tend to lose interest in anything that becomes routine. NextBee helps brands inject excitement and keep their customers engaged for long time with its Customer Contests program. The solution aims at increasing customer participation through exciting contests and sweepstakes. Centered on building lasting engagement, the Customer Contests program is a sure winner when it comes to generating buzz quickly.

    NextBee’s Customer Contests program comes with a host of smart features. Brand managers can easily build a range of contests to generate excitement among their customers. They can inform their customers about upcoming contests and sweepstakes with automated emails and messages. Customers can log on to contests easily with the Secure Single Sign-On feature. They can use their existing social media accounts to sign in; they do not need to create an additional account for participating.

    NextBee’s intelligent analytics measure customer performances and offer detailed engagement reports. Brand managers can give away digital profile badges to motivate customers. Dynamic leaderboards rank customers based on their performance, thereby developing friendly competition that goes a long way in increasing customer activity.

    NextBee’s robust rewards platform supports unlimited reward options: cash, physical gift items, reward points, electronic gift cards, and more. Customers receive rewards instantly upon purchasing or completing goals. Level-Up structure builds customer activity incrementally and offers customers access to better rewards. Customers can instantly share their achievements – level-ups, participation notifications, badge or rewards earned – with easy-to-use social sharing widgets.

    A valued customer contributes more and stays longer with the brand. The program also lets brand managers create polls and surveys seeking customer opinion. With NextBee’s Flexible Rule Engine, brands can assign separate rewards for different activities and develop desirable customer behavior.

    Integration is quick, and NextBee assigns account managers to guide brands throughout the association. NextBee rewards customer activity and increases customer participation with a Customer Contests program customized around brands’ needs.

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