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Customer and Partner Engagement

Building a Cashback Program? Here’s What to Look for.

For a brand, it is almost an everyday challenge keeping customer engaged and coming back to their business. Retaining them and keeping revenue figures high is another challenge that keeps them on their toes refining marketing strategies. And that’s understandable, given the changing market and rising customer expectations. Of the many solutions, Cashback Programs have […]

Apr 14, 2015

How to Increase Your Volume of Social Referrals

Have you tried almost every way of increasing referral traffic to your website and failed to get results? Or have you not tried referral marketing yet and are not sure how big an impact it can make to your revenue? No matter how much exposure you have had to referral campaigns before, they have tremendous […]

Mar 27, 2015

8 Ways Employee Referral Programs Make Hiring Productive

One might wonder why a company would need employee referral programs when there are managers and HRs to perform the same functions. For the reason, businesses were skeptical of implementing an employee referral program as an integral part of their recruitment process. But that was until a few years ago. Brands are now adopting new […]

Oct 9, 2014

Employees and Gamification: a Match Made in Marketing Heaven

For marketers, often an untapped resource lies within the ranks of the company’s employees. Collectively, there lies a wealth of knowledge within the workforce that can serve as a resource for lead generation and, ultimately, increased sales. The trick, however, is to get this untapped wealth engaged. An easy and cost-effective way to do that […]

Sep 10, 2014

Best Practices For A Successful Employee Referral Program

As competitiveness increases in today’s already hectic world, corporate executives often puzzle over sales, acquisition of new leads and retention of old ones. In truth, the answer to all of those is as simple as two words: referral programs. “Employee referral programs are the home runs of the corporate world,” said NextBee Media executive Ashish […]

Aug 29, 2014

5 Tips to Build ROI-centric Customer Advocacy Programs

Customer advocacy programs serve as primary tools for creating success for businesses around the world. Customers undergo several stages before deciding to buy a product: curiosity, contact, convincing and purchase. Customer advocacy programs serve as primary tools for creating success for businesses around the world. Customers undergo several stages before deciding to buy a product: […]

Aug 25, 2014

4 Reasons Why Businesses Use Customer Advocacy Programs

Customer advocacy programs have been on the rise in popularity among brands worldwide. This can be attributed to the change in working methodology since the inception of social media. Customer advocacy programs have gained such importance because of the results they deliver – such as an increase in business profits in less time. Without further ado, […]

Aug 14, 2014

How NextBee Customer Advocacy Solutions Develop Customer Loyalty to Advocacy

From customer engagement solutions to loyalty programs that help brands increase their customer base and make it easy for them to increase the reach of their offerings, NextBee has delivered high ROI marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. That has been a rule for us. We, NextBee, have assisted businesses expand and generate more revenue. […]

Jul 3, 2014

NextBee Loyalty Program Solutions Optimized for Luxury Brands

This fairly recent news in a press release was an instant hit with luxury brands, who have an entirely different group of customers responding to a specific set of clues. NextBee has released its new loyalty program solutions for luxury brands that establishes multiple touchpoints and develops conversations. The NextBee loyalty program solutions derive this […]

May 19, 2014

NextBee Publishes Research on the 4 Pillars of Successful Customer Referral Programs

In another recent press release, NextBee made public its research on the four pillars of successful Customer Referral Programs. NextBee has been making available its range of diverse marketing programs to small, medium and big businesses alike, and they have successfully brought them new customers and engaged them well. The Customer Referral program that is […]

May 13, 2014