Powerful Analytics for Team Development & Growth
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  • Team development and growth don’t always have to be expensive and time-consuming. With the advancement in technology and machine learning, companies are helping their team evolve and improve with greater efficiency.

    High-tech programs and analysis allows progress to be quick and yet functional. If you have the right tools in place, not only will your team grow, your business will flourish.

    Here we’ll cover how you can achieve your goals through programs that are strong, robust and dynamic.

    • Employee Insights

      Insights about individual employee performances and strengths are crucial for a team’s development and growth. These metrics help team leaders and managers to create teams of like-minded individuals. Interdependent teams like these rely on each other’s strengths to get the day’s jobs done, and are more synchronized than standard teams.
      These insights also provide a detailed account of an employee’s desire to stick with the company in the long run, their level of engagement, how likely they are to grow and learn new skills, etc.

      These insights can help you improve decision-making and decide what kind of training will help your team the most. Looking at each area of development you can encourage your teams to work on those areas to achieve overall success.

      NextBee’s dashboard shows real-time insights and trends including:

      • How long will employees stay with the company?
      • What is the attrition rate across segments?
      • What are the differences in expected lifetime revenue across each segment?
      • Which activities are correlated with engagement and retention?
    • Maximize Engagement

      Employee engagement is another necessity for quality development and growth of your team. Employee engagement refers to the level of dedication and commitment employees show towards their companies. It also shows the emotional attachment of employees towards their organizations and coworkers.

      Programs that show your gratitude towards your team work best when they are supported by relevant analytics. NextBee’s employee engagement program comes with tools that let you assess and understand crucial engagement data.

      Using these tools, you’ll be able to measure task completion time, progress made, times of highest and lowest engagement, and much more. These analytics pinpoint the exact areas that need attention to increase engagement. You can identify any gaps that are hindering progress, such as skills and training needs.

    • Upskill Employees

      Empowering your team with suitable skill training is the key to team growth and development. Using NextBee’s training tools, you will be able to measure each employee’s performance on a single platform, measure group performances and oversee the total number of hours spent on the site.

      Team members can complete hour-based training, improving productivity and efficiency. Users can monitor their performance on each training they take, and pace themselves accordingly. The certificates and rewards received at the end of the training act as a motivation booster.

    • Employee Segmentation

      Segmentation helps organizations to increase efficiency of the group and save time and resources. It helps organizations determine which groups they want to target and how, learn more about their audience, and provide more personalized service.

      With Lighthouse from NextBee, you can tier and categorize employees, allowing you to examine each group’s characteristics to help with targeting. Predictive LTV curves for each segment allow you to find the best times to incentivize. You can also find new employees who may be your top performers, then incentivize them to make sure of it.

    • Messaging & Team Building

      Collaboration platforms are a great way to encourage team development and growth in your organization. NextBee’s Lighthouse comes with a messaging platform where team members can communicate, discuss projects, collaborate, answer questions, hold video meetings, and much more.

      NextBee’s Lighthouse Messaging platform helps you discover which phrases are trending, how those trends have changed over time, and automatically A/B test your messages to increase retention by over 10%!

    NextBee brings you powerful analytics for team development and growth, and can replace expensive programs while improving your current systems. With the help of our tools, you’ll keep track of how well your teams are performing, and determine which programs and training are working best to keep them engaged.

    If you’d like to know more about NextBee’s Lighthouse program, or any other, please reach out! Our team will be happy to assist you.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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