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  • Productivity in an organization is directly proportional to employees’ performance, and employees’ performance is directly linked to their happiness. When employees feel appreciated for the work they do, both productivity and performance go up.

    More than 90% of employees say that getting recognition for their workplace efforts motivates them to work harder and be more productive.

    So, how can you ensure that all your employees are engaged, feel appreciated, and give their best at work? Here are a few tips to increase productivity in your organization while keeping employee happiness at the peak.

    1. Rewards for task completion

      Create a system that will reward employees for their achievements and tasks they complete. With NextBee’s tiered reward structure, your employees are automatically given rewards specific to their completed goals. These goals can be smaller individual achievements or larger quarterly or yearly goals. Small goals are just as important as bigger ones, so make sure you’re tracking each one.

      Our customizable tool lets you set and change the rules, minimum requirements, and other factors at your convenience. Within NextBee’s platform, you can increase the rewards’ value as the difficulty of tasks increases as they move up the ladder.

    2. Badges for achievements

      Badges are some of the more underrated employee recognition methods. They are highly effective in increasing workplace productivity. A badge recognizing an employee’s performance or dedication can motivate your employees to a great extent. With this feature, you can encourage your employees to display the badges they earn on their profiles to showcase their skills, achievements, and areas of expertise. Badges can be awarded for goal completion, peer recognition, or supervisor recognition.

    3. Leaderboards to track high performers

      Dynamic Leaderboards rank employees in real-time based on their performances and activity on the platform. These rankings are effective methods to recognize employees for their efforts in various categories. You can customize the leaderboard to rank your employees on multiple factors, such as sales, attendance, or team support, and top performers get rewarded with exciting gifts and prizes.

      Leaderboard rankings and scores motivate the people ranked and encourage others to improve their performances. They can be an effective way to promote healthy competition amongst employees.

    4. Shareables for recognition

      NextBee’s Employee Recognition tool comes with an easy share option, where each achievement, badge, awards, kudos, and reward can be shared online. This will allow others to interact with them and increase their satisfaction and feeling of achievement.

    5. Gamify daily tasks

      Gamified tools can introduce a fun aspect to work and encourage employees to take interest even in monotonous and repetitive tasks. Send out genuine notes of appreciation and rewards recognizing their efforts, and watch as their productivity soars.

    To keep it interesting, you can change rewards for the tasks, shuffling between reward points, gift cards, hampers, and many others.

    Recognizing employees can become very easy with an automated and easy-to-use tool like NextBee’s employee recognition program. Our program makes employee recognition completely effortless- with a click of a button you can transform the culture of your organization and foster a trend of productivity.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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