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  • Gamification has proven to be one of the best and fastest methods of driving employee engagement in the workplace. Gamification solution for employees offers ways to interact with employees using the elements and features that make games so engaging. Employees are presented with activities and challenges they can complete, and upon completion they receive rewards.

    NextBee’s program comes with numerous in-built tools that make the gamification process extremely smooth. With just a click of a button, you can have your program up and running.

    NextBee is a pioneer in transforming the market with its gamification program. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years, and our industry experts have helped companies all over the world with their gamification and employee engagement needs.

    Let’s take a look at some of the features NextBee has to offer.


    NextBee’s analytics presents data of all user behavior in easy-to-interpret charts, graphs, and tables. You can modify and customize the charts to display only those aspects that are useful to you. This makes target creation, modification, and implementation a seamless process.

    NextBee’s customizable analytics can help you identify, set, and moderate key performance indicators.

    Activities Feed

    The activities feed is an interactive feature that displays user’s activities on the platform. It’s a quick way to get real-time information on employees’ actions. Employees can get notifications of reactions, kudos, appreciation, as well as achievements, levels completed, rewards, points, and much more through the activities feed.

    The feed comes with customizable features to display only the relevant information based on categories (decided by you) and groups.

    Flexible Rule Configuration

    NextBee gamification tools come with a flexible rule configuration that lets you set rules for activities and games, and change them whenever you want. This means you can assign and alter points and rewards for high-value actions such as referring, task completion, and social sharing.

    For each event, you can reset rules, create new challenges, and set targets. This allows you to keep your employees engaged by involving them in new and exciting assignments to avoid monotony.

    Automated Tiered Reward System

    The automated tiered rewards system is designed to help you easily set appropriate rewards for each task and identify when the tasks are completed. For example, people completing 10 sales calls per day are rewarded with 50 points. Those completing further 10 calls can be given another 30 points and so on. Using NextBee’s gamification tools, you no longer have to manually award the points each time an employee completes their tasks- the reward and points will be automatically sent to their accounts.

    A tiered rewards structure motivates employees to level up when they are rewarded with frequent and high-performance activities. This increases the performance of sales personnel as they move up the ladder to achieve higher targets. The program identifies task and mission fulfillment and processes the rewards automatically, generating a system of immediate gratification.

    Social media platforms and other websites can be easily integrated into the program to bring in place all the task-related activities in one place. You can reward employees for post sharing, engaging with your company pages online, and much more!

    Contests And Sweepstakes

    Contests in the workplace can keep spirits high. With NextBee’s gamification tools, you can organize contests, create fun polls, spin-the-wheels, and quizzes to increase daily activity rates and engagement. These contests increase the participation and engagement of users and create an atmosphere of fun and excitement amongst users.

    With the NextBee gamification tool, you can give away exciting rewards to the highest performers based on leaderboard scores and rankings. For thrill-seekers, the sweepstakes are a great way to earn big rewards for a small compensation (through points). Multiple sweepstakes can be run on the platform at one time.


    Leaderboards are an easy way to introduce a little healthy competition in the workplace. Ranks can be based on performances, task completion, rewards earned and points. Displaying comparative success motivates employees to work harder.

    One of the best parts about leaderboards is each team or division gets their own leaderboards, so that performance is marked based on responsibilities they have, and everyone gets a fair chance at the rewards.

    To top it all off, NextBee’s gamification program has numerous options for rewards. You can award cash, redeemable points, kudos, badges and third party prizes like Amazon gift cards.

    If you’re interested to know how you can implement gamification in your business practices, reach out to us. Our team of experts with over 10 years of experience will guide you through the process and help you find the best solutions for your business.

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