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Protect Your Workplace from Coronavirus (COVID-19) with an Employee Preparedness and Coordination Solution

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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ready for corona
  • A lot is yet to know about coronavirus (COVID-19) as scientists are researching to invent a vaccine that can cure this deadly disease. Based on ongoing investigations and research work the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are featuring up-to-date information and guidelines to counter the outbreak.

    Officials of Health and Government departments of each country are working hand-in-hand to safeguard its citizens from the lethal coronavirus (COVID-19). Small, medium, and big size businesses, the employers and Entrepreneurs are also requested to do their part to keep their employees and customers safe.

    To achieve positive results in terms of tackling the coronavirus outbreak, employers must take precautionary measures and also adopt strategies that can prevent the disease from spreading at the workplace.

    A Turnkey Employee Preparedness and Coordination Solution – Create Compliance Checklists, Share Vital Resources, & Coordinate Communication

    NextBee offers you a turnkey employee preparedness and coordination Solution, Ready for Corona, through which companies can create compliance checklists, share vital resources, and coordinate communication among the employees. The platform has a robust reward and incentive mechanism – the employees can adhere to guidelines set by the company, access & watch important resources, coordinate among team members– which will help them to earn rewards, badges, etc. 

    The solution empowers your workforce with valuable resources and tools to maintain a safe work environment. It follows the best practices in regards to sharing credible information about work conditions, plans and other relevant news in one place where everyone can access. If your employees are working remotely they can also access the platform to avail of all required details.

    To address the impact of Corona at the workplace, use our platform where you can quickly and easily disseminate company information regarding work conditions, plans and other relevant news in one place which everyone can access. With the platform, Ready For Corona,  you can initiate team coordination and connect members to share experiences and continue to maintain a healthy work culture even if your employees are working in remote settings.

    Along with the implementation of an engagement platform, here are some other Precautionary Measures and Suggestions that an organization must follow to create an awareness program in the workplace:

    • Actively encourage sick employees (who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness and fever) to stay home
    • Urge your employees to notify the top management if they are having health issues
    • Make sure that your employees and customers are well-informed about coronavirus (covid-19) and how to stay away from this lethal disease
    • Provide your employees and customers with helpful resources regarding safety measure related to coronavirus (covid-19)
    • Ensure that your sick leave policies in the workplace are flexible and consistent and also check whether your employees are aware of these policies.
    • Conduct team meetings or client meetings through video conferencing or phone calls.
    • Provide masks and request them to cover their noses and mouths with it.
    • Maintain proper hygiene in the workplace by cleaning the necessary objects  – laptops, computers, printers, desk, table, workstations, conference rooms, etc.
    • Provide Hand sanitizer to your employees so that they can clean their hands on a regular interval.
    • Provide disposable wipes so that commonly used surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, desks, etc can be wiped by employees before & after each use.
    • Impose restrictions on travel and advise employees to check themselves for symptoms of COVID-19 before starting travel and when they come back after a trip just to be sure.
    • Employees who are well but who have a sick family member at home (suspected to be infected by COVID-19) should notify their supervisor
    • Share best practices with other businesses or partner organizations in your communities, chambers of commerce, and other related associations to improve community response efforts.

    To know more about the employee engagement platform, Ready For Corona, feel free to contact us today!