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Decision Trees And How You Can Use Them To Optimize Your Partner Model

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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decision trees
  • Decision tree users have an objective they are trying to achieve such as optimized cost, max, profit.

    They use decision trees where there are several courses of action to choose from; if there is a level of benefit of the various alternatives that can be estimated or easily calculated, if environmental factors that are beyond the control of individuals are being considered by decision-makers, if there is uncertainty and decision-makers are not sure which outcome will happen, decision trees are also applied when decision-makers are trying to achieve the objectives listed above.

    The supervised type of algorithm which has a pre-defined target variable that is used many times in classification problems is the decision tree. It works when there are both categorical and continuous output and input variables. Those individuals who use this technique will split the sample or population into two or more sets, based on the most significant splitter or differences in input variables.

    The Decision Tree and how it Works

    Decision tree builds up regression and classification models in a tree structure, and goes through a process of partitioning the data set into subsets, and splits are formed on particular variables.

    A data set is broken down into smaller and smaller subsets as an associate decision tree is being incrementally developed. The end result is a tree that has decisions nodes and leaf nodes they represent a classification or decision. The decision node that becomes the best predictor is referred to as the root node, it is the top node and it corresponds with the best predictor also. Decision trees can manage both categorical and numerical data. Using decision trees to assist with the referral messaging process can be seen as a great idea.

    Targeting Partners 

    When you are targeting partners its best for you to use the industry terms they are accustomed to, to describe them, there are many different terms that are used among employees when they work together daily. Telecoms use the term “agent program” quite frequently. Don’t communicate the full details of the reward program to advocates at first. You need to ensure that the rewards you are offering to advocates will be based on what they find to be valuable. Knowing your audience is an important part of your plan, this will assist you in creating the most suitable rewards for them. You will be putting your relationship with partners on the line so careful planning and the best way to execute is important

    There are many different terms that describes the referral partners as the partner ecosystem is large. Emphasize the value you are offering by putting it at the forefront of your message when you are communicating with all advocates.

    Now that data science is being used to assist managers to make informed decisions so they can experience growth in their businesses at an alarming rate. Data scientists can also assist in the process of finding the best partners, employees and advocates to join your company.

    Targeting partners can be another thing you add to the list of jobs that is taken care of by a data scientist.

    Building your business with the best techniques and strategies will guarantee your success and you will have the support you need at all times.

    This process of creating the right messages, by using decision trees should be done in the best way, as the success of your business depends on it. There are professionals who will assist you with this technique when you contact Nextbee. Now that managers, have confirmed that using big data, data analysis, machine, data analytics, learning, data mining, business intelligence, data science, visualization and other modern techniques  has caused their businesses to grow, you know you are on the right track when you simply work with the professionals in this field to grow your own business.