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Techniques To Expand Your Agency Revenue By Smart Insights Technology
  • It is no surprise that each company wants to rise and yield success and also wants to open the door to reach even greater goals. This is why expanding, growing and creating steady revenue is what every agency wants to achieve. It also signifies that Expanding your revenue requires taking the right approach; one which focuses on long-term work, the building of agency awareness, as well as anticipating market trends. Moreover, companies need to build up a strong set of employees, then use those diverse skills to create teams that drive success.

    But the question often asked is, How do you engage and streamline the process to improve outcomes for your company and your clients? 

    The answer is by creating an engagement system that drives buy-in and participation. Doing so means you can not only provide great experiences but cultivate new ideas and stronger employee & client relationships. Which in turn yields larger and faster ROI. 

    Here we have detailed below top techniques to expand your agency’s revenue. 


    It is very important to understand that building revenue is to build your brand’s exposure. This can be achieved through various means such as; Facebook ads, hiring SEO experts, or attending and sponsoring the right events, also organic approach acts as a good option. Incorporating user-generated videos, photo galleries, blog posts and other forms of content for your entire customer community to access anywhere they are engaging more customers. Meanwhile, the customers ought to repeat the cycle as they generate authentic personalized and authentic content data-driven and insightful, which gets your business more successful. 


    Certainly, one can invest in their agency in several ways to see growth in revenue. One way is to recruit top talent which creates a reputation for top-notch work. You need to make sure you also invest in your best brand evangelists that are your employees, by giving them rewards, kudos, public thanks, etc. Also, invest in the best training you can and keep it updated. Empower industry leaders and see what materials you can bring into your organization and then create a system that monitors, engages and rewards for participating and finishing the different learning modules. It can guarantee success for your business. 


    When you educate your employees, find different ways to create repeatable processes. Processes that can be performed by everyone, even team members who are not yet experts in their field. This will save management time to focus on strategy and teach junior team members how you want things done. 


    There will be times when you doubt and want to change the process. But don’t do it. Instead, trust the process, no matter how hard it may get. If you’re in leadership then realize that people are going to follow your lead. If you are a deer caught in the headlights and give a myriad of excuses as to why it couldn’t or shouldn’t work, you’re dooming the processes. You have to build confidence by “owning” your position and completely getting out of the way. Trust and work on the processes and after enough time, improve them but don’t knee-jerk react and make changes. 


    It is extremely important to constantly reevaluate your efforts. How are you keeping customers and employees engaged? Do you use incentives to engage people? If so, what are the best rewards for your users? To know more, you can conduct periodic surveys and if you’re using an engagement platform, you can combine the survey answers with the data from your system to conduct even deeper analysis. Doing so means you can uncover what activities are engaging them, when they are engaging, what rewards are motivating them, etc. When you have compiled everything you can tweak activities, adjust reward triggers and also implement any user suggested rewards all of which build stronger engagement, loyalty and boosts agency revenue. 


    Surely, every client and company has its own unique story to tell. When you’ve managed to get your company everywhere so you’re easily accessible then you can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with your clients and their companies. Then, when your company truly understands your client’s needs are, you can engage them and their audiences with far more clarity, impact and opportunity via shout outs on social media, congratulatory emails, etc. All of these engagements generate a feeling of relationship and build a connection that encourages repeat business and brand evangelism. 


    When you invest in people, engagement and other marketing always keep a complete eye on the whole picture. Look for where you can wisely spend so you keep your expenses justified. If analytics are telling you what’s working and what’s not, adjust spending to go towards what’s working. Also, make sure you’re evaluating processes especially when it comes to sales. Build systematic and easily replicated sales processes where you’ve defined your ideal customer profile and tested all the promotion and engagement channels. Get this right, keep everything in balance and you will scale your business in a quick but manageable way. 


    Customers are smart and they know when someone is just trying to squeeze more out of them vs. delivering more value. Helping a customer get exactly what they want without compromise & feel good about it not only makes a company more money, it makes the customer happier in the long run. Offering personalized experiences, relevant recommendations, and products that truly are worth spending a little extra on makes it easy to garner more referrals and generate more brand loyalty. You’ll have customers who rely on you for more than just your product or service. You’ll be almost irreplaceable! 


    Inform people that you have the best product, you keep pushing to improve it, you have nurtured and cultivated loyal customers and brand advocates. Also, identify where you can best help these clients, stay laser-focused on creating success for them. Amalgamate your current success with any of the above strategies. This can help you almost guarantee success and expand your agency’s revenue. 


    Crafting a customer and employee engagement program is a great way to drive more repeat orders, build loyalty, get referrals and grow your agency’s brand in the long run. Consider implementing a loyalty program so you can focus on retention first. You will find this leads to overall sales growth. Though it’s counter-intuitive it’s a proven strategy that can enhance relationships with your current customers is more cost-effective and easier than just pushing to find new ones. Your loyal customers will refer you time and time again and keep buying from you which creates great ROI while growing your agency organically. 

    NextBee has many years of experience helping companies create full engagement programs that create loyalty, generate referrals and grow your brand’s ambassadors.