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  • Methods to promote your Employee Referral Program
  • It’s quite evident that the best hiring tool in a company’s pocket is its current employees. Referred candidates not only fit better with a company’s culture and brand image, but they are also more likely to stay at the company for a prolonged period.

    Keeping this in mind, you may have developed a solid employee referral program, but now it’s time to learn how to promote it so that more and more of your employees use it.

    Here are the best strategies that will help you promote the program and tap into an unlimited pool of candidates.

    1. Educate your employees

    It is no wonder that the fastest way to grow these days is by word of mouth promotion. But you cannot expect your employees to use your referral program if they are not aware of its potential and the essential know-how required to operate it. Educate the managers and directors about the benefits of a referral program, share data and statistics with the hiring team, and tell them how it reduces the cost per hire.

    Encourage the leaders to share this information with their team. You can integrate the referral program with the company’s very culture by making sure that new hires are educated about the details of the referral program within their first week. Use Challenge Club to get masterful solutions tailored for your brand.

    2. Join forces with the marketing team

    By making your referral program a part of the marketing strategy, you will be able to use the teams’ creative approach to spread awareness about it. You can also use their expertise to get more engagement per employee.

    Along with it, you can create an option within the program platform for sharing on the employees’ social media profiles in order to expand the reach of your program and get a curated list of candidates.

    3. Make it easy and rewarding to refer a candidate

    No one will participate in a process that is lengthy and requires them to fill out a long form. Employees will also not participate in a referral program without any reward or incentive. Devise a way to reward them, and make sure they know about it. Try to match the incentives with employees’ expectations and interests to get the maximum benefit. Whether it’s a cash reward or an all paid trip, or donation to a charity program of their choice, it should be of value to the employee.

    Use our intuitive program called Challenge Club to devise an easy and direct method for helping your employees submit a candidate profile. We also use a unique promotion engine that will recognize the top rankers, as well as manage the rewards program seamlessly.

    4. Highlight employees whose reference result in hires

    You can shine a light on the employees who participate in the referral program. This can act as an incentive in and of itself. By keeping the referrals program at the forefront of every meeting, more employees will be encouraged to use it.

    Also, let your employees know about the success rate of the program. This will result in more understanding of the importance of the program amongst employees, which will ultimately result in more references.

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