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  • Patient Loyalty Program Ideas for Healthcare industry: Plastic Surgery Treatments
  • There has been a time when Loyalty Programs are prevalent in retail stores, hotel chains, and air travel companies, but in recent times it is booming in the healthcare industry as well. Adopting a top-notch Patient Loyalty is good for both patients and plastic surgeons. With the help of it, they can earn perks and rewards, and also experience consistent care from the organizations. It further strengthens the patient-provider or patient-organization relationship.




    As the need to boost patient loyalty increases, more hospitals are exploring the ideas of implementing it in their institutions especially in the cosmetic and plastic surgery departments. Let’s discuss some of the prominent Patient Loyalty Program Ideas for the Healthcare industry:


    1. Educational Seminars

    Healthcare units with loyalty programs provide patients with access to valuable resources like seminars on cosmetic treatments. For example, the hospitals with the help of plastic surgeons may offer free health seminars for patients who want to know about the ins and outs of plastic surgery. Complimentary health screenings to patients, access to essential elements of plastic surgery are parts of the loyalty program.


    1. Segmenting Patients

    VIP patient loyalty programs offer rewards to the plastic surgery patients for their ongoing relationship with the healthcare department. The program offers both customized and readymade VIP benefits. These benefits may include free treatments, free checkups, discounts on billing amount, redeemable points, gift cards etc. Along with VIP membership, some hospitals also offer tiered programs based on the customer value and segmentation.


    1. Free Treatment / Health Checkups

    Patients who often avail treatments on plastic surgery from a particular healthcare unit or hospital enjoy the status of a loyal client and receive benefits of the Loyalty program. After multiple visits they get rewards for free treatment, and sometime complimentary services as well. It not only makes the rapport between the plastic surgeons and the patients good, but also helps in the repeat business for the healthcare organizations.


    1. Participating in Events

    Loyal patients get access to various social events organized by the hospital. For the business that wants to create a successful cosmetic surgery loyalty program, involving free social events may be beneficial. These types of programs allow patients to attend social events such as parties, a trip to an exotic place after a surgery, dine outs, discount coupons etc. These endeavors make the patients feel valuable and important and the pride of being in an exclusive group.


    1. Other Common Ideas

    Apart from the cosmetic treatment related benefits, offering all sorts of facilities can boost the patient loyalty program in an organization. It includes free parking, preference on seeking appointments of plastic surgeons; smooth processing of treatments, and many more. These are basically the advantages a patient will receive for being a loyal client of a particular hospital or healthcare unit.


    patient loyalty program ideas


    To build a great cosmetic surgery loyalty program, put fuel on patients’ passions for true health and wellness. Engage your patients at every touch points and market the benefits of your patient loyalty program. With the help of the above-mentioned strategies, health systems can develop to increase patient loyalty. The strategic priorities will differ from hospitals to hospitals but the common agenda of patient retention and engagement will be intact.  


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