Customer Retention Tactics of Google, Apple & Facebook
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  • Dealing with customer retention is a common syndrome with every business today. With this, we mean — even big brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, etc., all face competition of a certain degree. 

    However, on scrutiny, you will find that they face the fiercest of competition for staying at the top of the market in their respective niches but preparing well to combat. 

    Importantly, they don’t wait for opportunities and create their chances to make it big. From the perspective of customer retention, they have done exceptionally better than any other brand in a similar niche market.

    There are a few age-old theories about effective marketing tactics. Most big brands have managed to draw out strategies supported by smart thinking, which has helped them reach the position they hold today. 

    Let’s applaud these thought leaders, which not just have managed to extend their supremacy, but have inspired hope among other businesses who look up to them. 

    Google – Brand that Rules the Digital World

    Out of the many strategies of customer retention, Google has optimized its business around customer service. Today, 60 percent of the world’s search queries as carried out on Google. With such dominance in the search engine market, Google undoubtedly is crowned king of the digital world, alongside bagging numerous awards to its name. 

    In the ’90s of the last century, Google managed to identify that the world market will be a place dominated by information. Here are some critical decisions that Google have taken in their successful journey:

    • To discourage the monopoly of select few businesses – which are wise enough to decode search engine algorithms sooner or later, Google has continuously updated its platform. Popular among these algorithms is the animal series – namely, Panda, Penguin, and Humming Bird. With these updates, Google ensured that every customer is equal to them and earned their faith.
    • Since its resurgence, Google has kept adding new services for its customers – there is a complete catalog of paid and unpaid services — like Google Earth, Google Wallet, Gmail, Hangout, Google Plus, Adwords, Analytics, Webmasters, etc., defining a better professional and social life for Google customers.
    • Another critical strategy of Google – it includes constant development to match customer expectations. In that, they developed Android OS to offer a cheaper solution to mobile device manufacturers.

    These strategies ensure that Google maintains quality customer retention tactics to enjoy a competitive edge over competitors.

    Apple – Largest Brand of the Modern Consumer Market 

    The mantra of Apple’s success is solely dedicated to its determination to provide the finest quality computing and mobile devices to customers. It is very appropriately said, once an Apple user is always an Apple user. 

    The impact of products on the psyche of the customers is long-lasting. Quality products are the features of Apple’s marketing strategy, which boosts its customer retention tactics. Here is a brief synopsis of Apple’s marketing strategy:

    • The tagline of “Think Differently” is indeed justified by Apple. While other companies are trying to slash down prices of their products, Apple’s strategy is to explain the costs they put on their products. iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac – pick any product from Apple Store and experience technology that no other contemporary device can produce.
    • Apple is very smart with its media advertising. They create ads showing the simplicity of life around the usage of their products. In one commercial for iPhone 4S, Apple had featured Hollywood’s Samuel L Jackson doing household chores. Such a beautiful commercial connect customers with Apple, also obviously for the presence of an iconic figure endorsing the product.
    • Evading criticism is another highlight of Apple’s marketing tactics. Apple has continuously been criticized for its products’ high prices, but that has hardly distracted them from developing masterpieces.

    No wonder Apple is the world’s largest brand since 2008. Apple’s huge brand presence is another reason why Apple’s customer retention rate is 76 percent. It is much better than most competitors.

    Facebook – Brand with Maximum Number of Active Users

    Facebook is the brand name, which is popular in the darkest corner of the world. With 1.44 billion active users, recorded at the end of March 2015, Facebook is the brand that has the maximum users in the world. 

    Thus, Facebook today has become a secure den for marketers who wish to catalyze their share of customers from social media networks. By introducing advertising packages, Facebook has been able to leverage its ROI by manifold. Most imminent marketing strategies used by this social media leader includes, but not limited to:

    • Facebook focused on B2B relationships by extending a quality marketing kit. Considering the number of audiences this social media network held — advertising brand on this platform has always been beneficial for businesses.
    • Another fundamental strategy of Facebook is the release of its unique feature from time to time on special occasions. Viral campaigns like the Yearly Look Back video, Celebrate Pride profile pic, etc., are worthy efforts Facebook release regularly to excite customers.
    • Besides, Facebook has offered a lot of gaming options to its users. Customers can choose their games and play with friends, and share their achievements on their timeline. There are games such as Criminal Case, Candy Crush Saga, 8 Ball Pool, and a bagful of others. It has active players to the number of 100s of millions.

    Facebook marketing strategy, therefore, revolve predominantly around gamification, as people visit social media networks for socializing with friends.  

    Concluding Statement

    Therefore, the most compelling conclusions one can make out of the above piece of information about Google, Apple, and Facebook are:

    • Understanding customers’ behavior and their expectations for associating with your business.
    • Notwithstanding the competition, your business always stands a chance with a proper branding strategy based on customer retention’s specific features.
    • No matter how big or small your brand is, every company today is concerned about customer retention. Therefore, you are in league with a fair opportunity for development.
    • Smart thinking and creativity shape distinction for your brand.

    Start Straightaway 

    In case customer retention issues are depleting your business leads due to lack of time or expertise, consult NextBee to layout a formidable customer retention program. 


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