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9 Brilliant Articles to Read on B2B Loyalty Programs

Few visitors who make their first purchase seldom return for another purchase. And this is an alarming fact because you have invested a lot to acquire new customers. This can be changed only with the help of loyalty programs. There are several benefits of implementing loyalty programs, both financial and non-financial. Ecommerce has opened up […]

Dec 9, 2016

FIVE Strategies for promoting small Business Loyalty Programs

While enormous organizations have overseen dependability programs effortlessly, the same can’t generally be said for their small company partners. Independent companies have generally experienced difficulty getting their dedication programs off the ground. You must have invested a lot of time money and resources to start up your new business, but have you ever thought how […]

Dec 6, 2016

FIVE Key Points that help Evaluate and Measure Loyalty Program Success

If you think that setting up the loyalty program is enough for your business to grow, then you are wrong at this point? Loyalty programs alone can’t help your drive your business. The main challenging task with the launch of the loyalty program is to the measure the success of it. Have you ever wondered […]

Dec 6, 2016

6 Must Read Articles on Customer Engagement

Customer engagement can be described as an emotional bond between a customer and a brand. Increasing customer engagement will also influence their buying behavior, demonstrate loyalty, and promote brand affinity. High quality customer experience is another key component of any customer engagement strategy. Research has shown that fully engaged customers have a tendency to bring […]

Dec 5, 2016

Rewards Program Articles That Are Worth Giving A Read

In today’s competitive market, loyalty rewards programs are extremely important for continued business growth. It’s more difficult to find new customers than it is to retain existing members. From retailers to grocery store owners, to salon and fitness centers, everyone is turning towards loyalty programs to promote repeat transactions. It has been seen that regular […]

Dec 2, 2016

How NextBee’s Loyalty Programs help you win Client Loyalty?

There are many ways by which we can define Loyalty, but what does it actually mean in terms of digital marketing. What do you understand by the term ‘Loyalty’? Loyalty is something that is linked with ‘Persistent purchase and Positive Word of Mouth (WOM)’. It’s principal for every business to win customer trust. In the […]

Dec 1, 2016

Notable and Noteworthy Articles on B2B Gamification Program

Gamification is one of those emerging hot marketing areas, along with social media platforms and mobile. Gamification is not just effective in consumer marketing areas, but also for the B2B counterparts. Gamification is currently taking over the entire consumer market, but the significant effect of B2B gamification program on different industry and business sectors cannot […]

Nov 30, 2016

Notable and Noteworthy Articles on Gamification

Gamification has changed the way industrialists treat their brands and employees at the same time. Gamification can be used to encourage customer loyalty, create buzz in social media platforms, or create healthy competitions among teams to generate better quality service, motivate, and so on. Any business can implement gamification strategy in order to get better […]

Nov 29, 2016

Gamification: A Paramount to Engage and Motivate New Employees

  Gamification offers managers another road for rousing or remunerating representatives without changing the crucial way of the undertaking itself. As it were, Gamification, when all around composed, will improve efficiency and laborer sentiments about the working environment without extra pay or assets. Gamification is about taking the substance of gaming—fun, play, straightforwardness, outline and […]

Nov 29, 2016

Why Gamification at Workplace is must for Driving your Business?

Before coming over to the ways as to why you should supercharge your workplace with Gamification, let’s first clear about what Gamification is? Gamification is the reconciliation of gaming mechanics into non-gaming related regions. It implies taking employment fundamental errands that can be everyday, dreary and arduous and actualizing gaming like components – in particular, […]

Nov 29, 2016
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