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    Employee engagement allows your employees to feel passionate about their jobs, and increases their commitment to the firm, and put in more focused effort on their part. Overall quality output is increased, along with the dedication and trust of your employees. It is also an indication of how happy and content your employees are. Increasing the level of motivation, personal involvement, and emotional commitment are some of the other benefits of implementing employee engagement solutions in your business model. This program can also be used to measure your employees’ overall performances. Research shows that employee engagement and retention requires less time and investment than recruiting new employees. Here at NextBee we understand the value that a dedicated employee can do for your business, and we have exclusive customizable range of employee engagement solutions to suit your needs. Let us now take a look at these fantastic insights on employee engagement programs.

    1. What is Employee Engagement?

    Let’s start with this article as it is excellent to get the basics all clear. It has answers from both the perspectives of an employer and employee. It cannot get better than this, as it is an honest review of employee engagement solutions, and also does explain every nook and corner of an employee engagement program.

    1. Five Ways to Improve Employee Engagement Now

    Robyn Reilly shows five ingenious ways to improve employee engagement in no time at all. This article is well researched, showing every study results, based on which he formulated the five ways to improve employee engagement. It is a well illustrated article with graphs and bulleted points to highlight key points.

    1. What Engages Employees the Most PR, the Ten Cs of Employee Engagement

    This is a well detailed article that will give you a thorough knowledge on everything related to employee engagement. It gives you a step by step account on the description of employee engagement, crisis in employee engagement, the difference that employee engagement implementation makes, and the ten main principles of an employee engagement program.

    1. The 5 New Rules of Employee Engagement

    This is a list of dos and don’ts to optimize your employee engagement program. The five rules have been explained, along with the advantages that come along with it. Some real life examples have also been included for better explanation of the rules.

    1. 49 Employee Engagement Ideas (The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Your Team Will Love)

    This is as the subtitle suggests a cheat sheet of several employee engagement ideas that will give a boost to your business and also change the working environment in your firm for the better. These ideas claims to generate fast results so go ahead and give this a read.

    1. 7 Fascinating Employee Engagement Trends for 2016

    Know about the popular trends that dominated the world of employee engagement in 2016 from this article. Give this a read to stay up to date with what is trending in the market and also to gear up for 2017 with confidence.

    1. What Is Employee Engagement
      This article by Kevin Kruse starts off with what to avoid while implementing an employee engagement program. This is very helpful because in the seas of tips and tricks articles, what we often seem to struggle with is what to avoid while designing such programs. This article comes in handy, and it also offers other details associated with this program.
    2. Employee Engagement: The Complete Guide

    This is a well detailed guide and will again help you get a thorough knowledge on this program. It has all the research results which is helpful for you to find everything under one roof.

    1. Fatigue Management: Improve engagement to prevent burnout

    This is an interesting take on employee management and engagement, and to drive creativity and productivity among your employees. Learn about the right tools to drive engagement and prevent burnout and fatigue from this article.

    1. 6 Ways Social Collaboration Can Boost Employee Engagement

    This e-book tells you how to use social collaborations to improve productivity, engagement, and management of employees. Also learn how to introduce mobile and tablet into your business model to increase employee engagement.

    1. Becoming irresistible: A new model for employee engagement

    This well researched article on workplace culture, employee engagement, employee and talent retention. Give it a read to get a review of Deloitte, and also get an insight on what it takes to make employee engagement work successfully.

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