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    The country-turned-pop sensation, Taylor Swift – one of well-figured chartbuster’s names, as the world knows is a singer who can be listened whole day, doing anything and literally anywhere. Little did people have any idea that she is good at marketing her brand name as well. After knowing this, many people might feel heartbroken that all these years she had marketed her and her music to them; nonetheless, wiser fans would admire her prowess in customer retention.

    Let’s quickly cover another angle of this story. As you know, Taylor Swift is one of the most celebrated country-turned-pop singer at present, so – does all credit goes to her singing and flamboyant performances? Well, pretty much yes, but, she and her marketing team has worked upon various aspects of customer retention to manage a global brand identity of Taylor Swift. Marketers surely can catch up with her example for research and case study. Jerry Jao, a contributor for Entrepreneur and CEO and Co-founder of Retention Science has systematically put across his idea on Taylor Swift’s Customer Retention Tactics.

    Many people will surely come up with opinion that Taylor Swift is a brand name in herself and it’s not difficult for her to market her to the audience. However, bitter reality is she wasn’t a brand face by birth, and whatever she achieved is due to her hard work, intelligence and networking with correct people.

    Real Challenge that Was Accepted

    Swift is midway of World Tour 1989, which is said to rope in more than $100 million for her; however, there were serious customer retention issues with the concert of superstar, which her team has to look into before finalizing the tour. Taylor Swift was predominantly kicked off her career in country music and therefore, most of her fan following has special taste for country music. However, as her singing style was very much similar to pop music, she decided for a crossover pop album release, however, for a smooth transition she went onto take a gap of almost one year. Besides, transition of country music lover customers into pop music lover followers was the prime task at hand.

    Here, customer retention was as big an issue as would be for any other business tycoon. So, the transition from country music to the pop culture was a big decision for Taylor and her team. However, let’s see how they made the oddball work.

    What She Did for Healthy Customer Retention?

    Just like any other online business, challenge was inevitable for Taylor; however, she came up with quite a strategy to keep her fan’s base intact. One biggest concern for her team was to keep the loyal followers active, as many inactive businesses tend to lose their brand loyalty in the niche market and Taylor had also taken a transition break. Facing all the challenges – which are coming her way, here is how, she managed to retain customers. Her campaigns and media coverage ensure that understanding customers, personalized campaigns and loyalty rewards are optimized for best results.

    Twitter Operation with “Taylurking” Hash tag:

    This is the phase where Taylor went onto sneaking into fan’s Twitter accounts to access their experiences with Taylor products, photos, merchandise, etc, and displayed collaged photos of fans regularly. Throughout this campaign, Taylor sent strong message to her audience group that she really cares for them. This campaign was very important step by Taylor and her team, as it brought instant notice to her campaign.

    “Taylurking”, according to marketing studies, was considered an innovative device to understand customer behavior through social media activities. Besides, this campaign brought highly anticipated excitement factor into lives of fans.

    Personalized Gifts for Followers a.k.a. Swiftmas

    During the winter holidays, Taylor Swift brings out one of a very attractive personalized program for followers and fans. This campaign was very popular and has been considered very innovative by marketing people. Based on the data received through “Taylurking” social media campaign, “Swiftmas” was launched. Some very important attractions of this campaign were:

    Use of Social Media Data: The Team TS (Read Team Taylor Swift) used this data to recognize holiday gift wishes made by fans and followers.

    Personal Touch to Gifts: Swift hand wrote special notes for fans and placed it with the personalized gifts purchased and wrapped for customers. Such gesture from the superstar was highly emotional for fans and for Taylor it worked in her favor as personalized gifts and special care shown by her won loyalty for brand Taylor Swift. 

    Integration of Technology: As soon as gifts were delivered, Team TS launched YouTube channel for “Swiftmas”, which roped in numerous likes and comments in moments.

    Using Segmentation for High Value Customer Rewards Program

    The bumper excitement offer was yet under the cover. Swift and her team came up with exciting Secret Sessions, where ardent followers and brand advocates on social media were invited to album-listening parties. Don’t excite upon knowing that Taylor Swift herself host the parties at her residence. She prepared hand-made cookies for fans and influencers, which is something hardly any of them ever would have thought of. These Secret Sessions were passionate for admirers, fans and influencers and these simply add unforgettable memories to their experience for connecting with Brand Taylor Swift. Some additional features of these parties are listed below, which surely were to enhance experience of Taylor fan group:

    Fan spent whole day with their favorite pop singer at her home talking to them on various things.

    Invited guests are allowed to snap selfies with Taylor while guests making and trying new poses from their kitty.

    Above features undoubtedly is one of its kinds of reward that fans and followers can cherish for lifetime. This strategy reportedly increased brand loyalty for Taylor Swift, and her upcoming album and world tour.

    Impact of Team TS Customer Retention Tactics

    The tactics adopted by team TS left a huge impact on her customer retention strategy and in the mean time also ensured huge success for forthcoming music albums. Though, Taylor Swift was already a brand with very large fan following, these tactics ensured that her transition from country to pop singer becomes apparent one. Reportedly, 75 million copies of her latest album were already sold till May 2015.

    This example is a true inspiration for many businesses and marketers. These stereotype strategies when put into action with innovation and creating thinking can yield amazing results for your brand and customer retention strategy.

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