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  • How to Increase Your Volume of Social Referrals
  • Have you tried almost every way of increasing referral traffic to your website and failed to get results? Or have you not tried referral marketing yet and are not sure how big an impact it can make to your revenue?

    No matter how much exposure you have had to referral campaigns before, they have tremendous potential to raise your business’s revenue by increasing traffic to your website or blog. The catch lies in using it the right way and placing referral elements at key points.

    We, as one of the leading referral program software developers, help your brand build user excitement through an exciting rewards catalog, social recognition tools, contests, tasks and sweepstakes, and go further to motivate them to send referrals to their friends and family on social media.  With tools developed to facilitate viral spread over the most popular social sites, we ensure your business reaches out to more prospects quickly.

    1. Embeddable Referral Widgets: Shopping is often an enjoyable process. Customers indulge into it to derive the excitement of purchasing something new. NextBee taps customers’ excitement of buying a product into generating referrals. Our referral widgets can be embedded anywhere on your website – shopping cart, checkout, product page, payment confirmation, etc. By allowing your users – customers or employees – to share nearly anything on your website at any stage, we develop the scope for customers to share products of interest and convert customers’ excitement of shopping into referrals that build traffic.


    1. Simplify the Process: Users never appreciate going through the tiring process of filling sign-up forms or logging into separate social networking sites and sending referrals one by one. NextBee’s Easy Contact Importer allows users to import all their contacts on social networking sites at one place. With Social Connect plugin, your users can easily share products across social networks with the click of a button.


    1. Excite Users with Reward Options: Your users will need encouragement for referring your brand to their contacts. Appreciate them for the referrals and leads they generate with our rich suite of rewards. Our rewards platform accepts almost every kind of reward – cash, physical items, electronic gift cards, bonus points, downloadable items, and more. Thank and congratulate your users frequently and whenever possible through one-click trigger messages, or include the best performers’ names in weekly or monthly newsletters.


    1. Track every activity to identify and offer the best: NextBee’s advanced analytics helps you identify customer engagement patterns. Customized vanity referral links encourage referral email marketing and offer detailed reports on referral performance. You can develop multiple reward combinations, messages and offers, and our analytics will reveal which get you high results.


    There’s so much you can do with a Referral Program: generate awareness, increase traffic to your website, create demand for your product and raise revenue. By effectively using the referral program to create excitement among users, you can align your business goals with customers’ interests. At NextBee, we aim at helping you achieve just that and more.

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